2016 Pagezii Developments – A year in review


Pagezii Developments

What an amazing year we’ve had at Pagezii and at ShoutEx (the company that powers Pagezii). Our team has been very busy coding, developing and promoting Pagezii.

Below is a short summary of all the awesome modules we’ve created and what else is in the works for 2017.

Support for Blogs

The dev team worked very hard to crack this one – but with months of development, Pagezii now supports blog analysis on all of the popular blogging platforms. Just point Pagezii to your blog homepage, and it does the rest. Our blog analysis includes a comprehensive audit of your blog, including share counts, writing styles, overall SEO score, popular authors, trending keywords, and industry focus.

SEO Projects

We then build support for SEO audits for site-wide or project specific pages. This was one of the biggest asks from our users – they wanted to be able to combine their page content with Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster) data and Google Analytics. Our comprehensive support with Google products provides unparalleled view of how Google views your site content.

Campaign User Experience

Another popular user request was the ability to grade specific pages, especially landing pages, for User Experience. We developed a highly intelligent algorithm to analyze the various footprints left by web-pages to signal user interactions, experience and conversions.

Social Media Tracking

Pagezii also supports review, analytics and tracking of social footprints, including Twitter and YouTube. All our reports provide a seamless look-n-feel, allowing digital marketers to switching from one report to another, without having to go through any learning curve.

AD Grading Support

Pagezii also supports Google Adwords grading through an Ad creator tool. Users simply copy and paste their Google Adwords with the corresponding landing page. And Pagezii takes care of the rest – by analyzing the ad scent and giving a final grade of the Ad+Landing page combo.

Other developments

Our product team has been very busy creating other side projects as well, this includes the InterQ app for job interviews and Omerus App, a gesture-based iPad calculator.

2017 Roadmap

We’ve some big plans for 2017 – including further development of the AdWords module, Pagezii mobile app, and advanced support of Enterprise teams.

Join our Team

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