2017 Digital Marketing Conferences & Events

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2017 Digital Marketing Conferences & Events

There are various digital marketing conferences being held in 2017. To help you get started, we have listed the top marketing events that you should consider.

Affiliate Summit West

Venue: January 15-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Price: Two types of passes are available VIP $949 & Networking $249.
What to Expect: Affiliate Summit West is a marketing heaven for online publishers, bloggers, traffic sources, retailers, networks, technology firms, digital marketing agencies and other solution providers. It’s an opportunity to demonstrating your solutions and building face-to-face relationships with top key decision makers. Learn more at Affiliate Summit West.

Learn Inbound Event (Digital Marketing Focus)

Venue: January 25 in Dublin, Ireland.
Price: Regular price at €50 for a Standard Single. Discounts for groups available.
What to Expect: Network with some of the brightest minds in the Inbound Marketing industry. You’ll come across the latest digital marketing tools, tactics and strategies in content marketing, SEO and more. Learn more at Learn Inbound.

Social Media Strategies Summit – San Francisco

Venue: February 7-9 in San Francisco, California.
Price: Starts at $1,799 for general admission.
What to Expect: This an opportunity to learn from leading digital marketers on how hey achieved success on social media. Learn more at Social-Media-Strategies-Summit – San Francisco.

Pubcon SFIMA Summit – Fort Lauderdale

Venue: February 21-22 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Price: Starts at $349 (discounted rates).
What to Expect: This conference is packed with multiple session tracks covering the latest local social media, digital marketing, and search-related research. Learn more at Pubcon SFIMA Summit – Fort Lauderdale.

MozCon Local Event

Venue: February 27-28 in Seattle, Washington.
Price: Starts at $899 for general admission.
What to Expect: For 2 days dive into local marketing SEO with digital marketing experts and brands. Learn more at MozCon Local .

Social Media Week-New York Event

Venue: February 27 – March 3 in New York City, New York.
Price: Starting at $859 with early bird registration.
What to Expect: The event is a world wide conference that shares the best ideas and insights into social media and digital marketing technology. To learn more visit Social Media Week.

ad:tec – New Delhi Expo

Venue: March 9-10 in New Delhi, India.
Price: Free passes are available for a limited time. Single All Access Pass is INR21,999+taxes (discount price).
What to Expect: ad:tech is more than an event, it is held in 8 countries over the world. This year will be its 7th anniversary in India, as it continues to evolve with the ever-changing marketplace. Learn more about ad:tec – New Delhi.

ad:tec – Sydney Expo

Venue: March 14-15 in Sydney, Australia.
Price: Starts at AU$1,199 for all Access Pass. There are free passes to Exhibition Floor only (time sensitive).
What to Expect: ad:tech is the original industry authority for marketing and media technology. Learn more about ad:tec – Sydney.

SMX Munchen

Venue: March 14-15 in Munich, Germany.
Price: Starting at €1,980.
What to Expect: This is one of the most prominent Expo and a must see for all professional marketers. Learn more at SMX Munchen.

SMX West Expo

Venue: March 21-23 in San Jose, California.
Price: The Expo pass is free. One day Workshops start at $499. All access packs start at $1,795. This includes early bird registration.
What to Expect: SMX West covers detailed sessions on the latest SEO and SEM tactics. Learn more at SMX West.

Conversion XL Summit

Venue: April 5-7 in San Antonio, Texas
Price: Starting at $899 for just event ticket.
What to Expect: Top conversion optimization experts gather to share their insights on how to improve digital marketing campaigns. Learn more at Conversion XL.

Marketing United Event

Venue: April 19-21 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Price: Starts at $695 (early bird).
What to Expect: Marketing United is an event that brings top digital marketers to Nashville. Learn more about Marketing United.

Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2017

Venue: April 2017, Online
Price: Free (only for keynote session, sponsor sessions) All access pass at $97 (Early bird) and $147(Regular price)
What to Expect: Digital Marketing Summit was started in Singapore in 2015, due to its success it became an online event. It is a 5 day event which cater to the most relevant topics in Digital Marketing. Learn more at Digital Marketing Summit.

MarTech San Francisco Expo

Venue: May 9-11 in San Francisco, California.
Price: Starting at $59 for access to the Expo+Pass and at $1,495 for All access(discounted for a limited time).
What to Expect: MarTech is the international conference series for senior-level, hybrid professionals who are both digital marketing and tech-savvy. Learn more at MarTech San Francisco.

ad:tec – San Diego Expo

Venue: May 10-11 in San Diego, California.
Price: Starts at $25 for Expo-only pass to Platinum Pass at $395(early bird prices).
What to Expect: Marketing, Advertising, Digital, Energized (MADE) is the newfound guiding principle of ad:tech. Learn more about ad:tec – San Diego.

SMX London Expo (Digital Marketing focus)

Venue: May 23-24 in London, UK.
Price: Early bird registration is £695.
What to Expect: Detailed sessions on SEO, SEM and online marketing. Learn more about SMX London.

C2 Montreal

Venue: May 24-26 in Montreal, Canada.
Price: Starts at C$2,195 for Total Experience 3-day package (early bird). Regular price C$2,995.
What to Expect: At C2 some of the most innovative thought leaders from various disciplines are brought together. Learn more at C2 Montreal.

SMX France Expo

Venue: June 1-2 in Paris, France.
Price: SMX day pass start at €295 with early-bird registration.
What to Expect: In this Search Marketing Expo series, SMX Paris focuses on several digital marketing topics, including SEO and PPC. Learn more about SMX France.

WistiaFest Conference

Venue: June 11-13 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Price: Starts at $650 (early bird price).
What to Expect: WistiaFest is a two-day event related to all things video. Talk with experts in production and strategy, and an opportunity to connect and network like digital marketing professionals. Learn more at WistiaFest.

SMX Advanced Expo (Advanced Digital Marketing focus)

Venue: June 21 in Seattle, Washington.
Price: Early bird all access pass start around $1,795.
What to Expect: SMX Advanced is designed for experienced search and digital marketers. Learn more about the event.

Call To Action Conference

Venue: June 25-27 in Vancouver, Canada.
Price: Starting at $499 for group with early bird registration.
What to Expect: The event promises to be must for all digital marketing professions. If you want to improve or brush up on your marketing skills, this is the perfect place for it. To learn more visit Call To Action.

MozCon Conference

Venue: July 17-19 in Seattle, Washington
Price: Starts at $1,349 for non-member, early bird registration
What to Expect: A conference that covers different aspects in digital marketing such as SEO, social media, community building and content marketing. Learn more at MozCon.

Affiliate Summit East

Venue: July 30 – August 1 in New York City, New York.
Price: Two types of passes are available VIP $579 & Networking $99 (early bird rates).
What to Expect: Affiliate Summit East caters to digital marketers from over 70 countries at this marketing industry event. Learn more at Affiliate Summit East.

Inbound Conference (Digital Marketing focus)

Venue: September 25-28 in Boston, Massachusetts
Price: Early-bird registration for All-Access pass starts at $799
What to Expect: Inbound covers all digital marketing topics from Content Marketing, Email, UX and Search. Learn more about Inbound.

MarTech Boston Expo

Venue: October 2-4 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Price: Starting at $899 for just event ticket.
What to Expect: MarTech is a melding of marketing and IT. Learn more at MarTech Boston.

SMX East Expo

Venue: October 24-26 in New York City
Price: Typically single day passes run $1,195 with All Access passes around $1,995
What to Expect: SMX East like other SMX conferences focuses on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Learn more at SMX East.

Pubcon Summit Las Vegas (Digital Marketing focus)

Venue: November 6-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Price: Register to be informed.
What to Expect: Pubcon the premier digital marketing and optimization conference is scheduled to hold its training and conference. Learn more at Pubcon Summit – Las Vegas.

Advocamp Event

Venue: December 6-8 in San Francisco, California.
Price: Regular price at $1,299.
What to Expect: Advocamp is very proactive in customer growth and development.It is a conference dedicated to improving customer expereince. Learn more about Advocamp.