2017 Pay-per-Click PPC Conferences and Events


2017 PPC Conference & Events

This list of the top events and conferences in 2017 is for PPC followers. It’s a great way to keep updated on the latest trends and insights.

PPC Masters Event (for Pay-per-Click)

Venue: February 16 in Berlin, Germany.
Price: Starting at €296.
What to Expect: The PPC Masters is the ideal venue for online marketers who deal with high click volume of pay-per-click visitors on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. To learn more visit PPC Masters.

Traffic and Conversion Summit (for PPC)

Venue: March 10-12 in San Diego, California.
Price: General admission ticket is $1,495.
What to Expect: T&C2017 is the place to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working right now in the PPC/Pay-per-click world. Learn more at T&C2017.

SMX Munchen Expo (PPC/Digital Marketing)

Venue: March 14-15 in Munich, Germany
Price: Starting at €1,980
What to Expect: Renowned for being the best search marketing conferences in the world. Learn more at SMX Munchen.

SMX West Expo (PPC/Digital Marketing)

Venue: March 21-23 in San Jose, California
Price: The Expo pass is free. One day Workshops start at $499. All access packs start at $1,795. This includes early bird registration.
What to Expect: SMX West covers over 50 sessions in the latest SEO and SEM tactics. Learn more at SMX West.

Conversion XL Conference (for PPC/Paid Search)

Venue: April 5-7 in San Antonio, Texas.
Price: Starting at $899 for just event ticket.
What to Expect: ConversionXL is about turning more visitors into customers through paid-search and PPC. Speakers are hardcore practitioners. Learn more at Conversion XL.

Adwexp 2017 (Adwords Expo 17)

Venue: April 13-14 in Bologna, Italy.
Price: Video sessions start at €399.
What to Expect:This is an intense Adwords and Conversion Optimization video workshop that focuses on Pay-per-click topics. Learn more about Adwexp 2017.

Hero Conference – Los Angeles (for Pay-per-click)

Venue: April 18-20 in Los Angeles, California.
Price: Conference pass starts at $1,300 at discounted price.
What to Expect: This is the world’s largest All-PPC event. A chance to mingle with the experts and like minded individuals that dwell in the pay-per-click and paid search advertising models. Learn more at Hero Conf – Los Angeles.

Conversion Conference – Las Vegas (for PPC)

Venue: April 19-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Price: Starts at $997 for 2 day full conference pass (early bird fee). Workshops can be added later.
What to Expect: Conversion rate optimization is critical to digital marketing success. This event provides a unique opportunity to learn more from 40+ speakers on PPC, Paid search and Pay-per-click topics. For more information Conversion Conference – Las Vegas.

Conversion XL Conference (for Paid Search)

Venue: April 27 in Jena, Germany.
Price: Tickets for the event have been sold out.
What to Expect: This is a must-attend bar camp for AdWords, PPC and Paid-Search managers in Germany. Learn more at SEA Camp.

MarTech San Francisco Expo (PPC/Digital Marketing)

Venue: May 9-11 in San Francisco, California.
Price: All access pass start at $1,495.
What to expect: This is a premier Marketing Tech Conference that is a must-attend for anyone in the search engine marketing/paid-search industry. Learn more at MarTech San Francisco.

SMX London Expo (for Paid Search/Digital Marketing)

Venue: May 23-24 in London, UK
Price: Early bird registration is £695
What to Expect: For 3 days learn about SEO, SEM and online marketing. Learn more about SMX London.

SMX Advanced Expo (Digital Marketing)

Venue: June 21 in Seattle, Washington
Price: Early bird all access pass start around $1,795
What to Expect: SMX Advanced is designed for experienced search marketers. Learn more about SMX Advanced.

Call To Action Event (for Paid Search)

Venue: June 25-27 in Vancouver, Canada.
Price: Starting at C$499 for group with early bird registration.
What to Expect: The event is the perfect opportunity to expand your PPC knowledge on conversion optimization, pay-per click, email marketing, copywriting, analytics, landing page design, video marketing and marketing automation. To learn more visit Call To Action.

MozCon Conference (PPC/Digital Marketing)

Venue: July 17-19 in Seattle, Washington
Price: Starts at $1,349 for non-member, early bird registration
What to Expect: A conference that covers SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, and more. Learn more at MozCon.

MarTech Boston Expo (PPC/Digital Marketing)

Venue: October 2-4 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Price: Starting at $899 for just event ticket.
What to Expect: MarTech is an inspiring events that,crosses the traditional boundaries between marketing and IT, and encourages creative collaboration across the organization. Topics are wide ranging, with a few sessions on pay-per-click and PPC advertising. Learn more at MarTech – Boston.

Hero Conference – London (for Pay-per-Click)

Venue: October 23-25 in London, UK.
Price: Further details to be announced later.
What to Expect: This is a must-attend conference for anyone in the Pay-per-click industry who wants to brush up their AdWords/PPC skills. Keep checking this site for up to date information on the conference at Hero Conf – London.

SMX East Expo(PPC/Digital Marketing)

Venue: October 24-26 in New York City
Price: Typically single day passes run $1,195 with All Access passes around $1,995
What to Expect: SMX East like other SMX conferences focuses on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Learn more at SMX East.