Best Project Management Tools for the Marketing Team

Best Project Management tools for the Marketing Team

Marketing Project Management Tools

There are many project management tools from Basecamp, to Wrike to Slack. They have their own advantages, but all these popular tools are designed to be vertical and team agnostic.So today I want to focus on project management tools designed for marketing teams.

Marketing Project Management Requirements

Before we get started, lets prioritize the main features we want to look for. Here are some of the pain points that marketing teams are looking to solve with PM tools:

  • Task Management

One of the most important functions is of task management. Assigning the right tasks to the right person, streamline the workflow and have a broader view of all the projects at a glance.

  • Asset Management

Another requirement is to ensure all digital assets are easily available and documented. Details such as what was used and where, if there were any changes that were approved. Cloud-based file storage have become a standard feature when looking for a project management tool.

  • Communications & Collaboration

Reliable project management tools ensure that the whole team is on the same page. Teams need to keep track not only through email, but comments, chats, tags, group discussions – all in real time, on any device and any location.

  • Client Relations

Project management software that allows more direct client interaction. Feedback is possible, not just weekly but rather through daily interactions – to keep clients updated at every stage of the marketing campaign. This will lead to more client satisfaction through trust and engagement.

Based on these requirements, here is a list of the best project management tools for the marketing team.

Slack – collaboration tool

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team-slack

No project management list will be complete without Slack. Slack works very well as a collaboration tool in business. Communication between teams will no longer a problem, they can setup private channels to have conversations. Can have face to face voice or video calls in any Channel or Direct message. Having all your tools on one place is another great feature. Slack is free with limited features. Package starts at $8/month (if billed annually it’s down to $6.67).

Function Point – scalable project management tool

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- Function point

Function Point is a scalable project management tool that is geared towards creative agencies, design teams and marketing department of all sizes. Its is very user friendly and enables users to perform tasks ranging from project management, CRM also workflow management.  Key features like prospecting, client management, time tracking, estimating and billing, make it a great solution and saves a lot of time for the team. The plans starts at $29/month (if billed annually), regular price is $34/month for 5-39 users.

Brightpod – web-based project management

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- brightpod

Brightpod is a web-based project management and time tracking software, for digital marketing and creative teams. It takes out the chaos of marketing collaboration and planning and makes it a seamless process that gets the best out of your team. The pricing starts at $29/month for 10 users for the professional package.

DoInbound – project management for inbound marketing

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- DoInbound

DoInbound touches every aspect of the inbound marketing agency, from sales to client delivery. It breakdowns each phase of the client journey into smaller, repeatable and manageable systems. This is a great tool in helping to streamline campaigns, tasks and deliverables, so that the team in working towards a set goal. Basic package starts at $1,800/year.

FunctionFox – customizable dashboard

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- FunctionFox


FunctionFox is a powerful and easy to use tool. It has a very user friendly interface which  allows you to customize your own dashboard with your favourite features. Track your projects from start to finish, reduce administration time, increase profits and have more free time, i.e time to be creative. Starter package is called Classic and is $35/month for 1 user (1st user is $35, next users are for $5 each).

Harvest – time tracking tool

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- Harvest

Harvest makes it easy for marketing agencies to time track and bill their clients. Keeping timesheets, whether from the web, smartphone or another application has never been simpler. It has an easy, intuitive interface and great support system. It is free for 1 person and two projects with no time limits.

Scoro – all in one project management tool

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- Scoro

Scoro is the all in one agency management software, instead of having different tools just using Scoro gets the job done. It combines project management, reporting, quoting and billing all in one system. It is easy to use and the dashboard is customizable. Creating invoices and quotes has never been easier. There is a 14-day trial no credit card required, packages start at $22/month, minimum 5 users.

Workamajig – streamline entire agency

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- Workamajig

With Workamajig you can easily create scope of the project and estimates using the template creative briefs. Setting up tasks, timelines for the team, tracking, monitoring against budget and schedule are a breeze. Workamajig is a robust ERP and Project Management system that gives you the power to streamline your entire agency, so every project stays on track, every time. Entry level package is at $50/month for 5 users and the price is lowered as the user base becomes larger.

WorkBook – project and resource management

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team- WorkBook
A grown up software suite for project and resource management, CRM, collaboration and file sharing, forecasting and accounting. It is an ideal tool for the marketing agencies. The basic package starts at $19/month for 30 users.

Advantage– integrate into a single source

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team-Advantage
Advantage was built to integrate all of the agency groups into a single resource, with powerful reporting and forecasting. It’s built for effective collaboration and works on all platforms including mobile. Interested, send in a request for a demo.

Teamwork collaboration in project management

Best Project Management App for the Marketing Team-Teamwork
Teamwork Projects has all the features that are needed to become a high performance team. This is great tool as it integrates seamless with Teamwork Chat and Teamwork Desk. It effortless helps in organizing, time tracking and billing. Free trial for 30 days is available, starting at $49/month for 40 projects.