Best Social Media Analytics Tools

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Best Social Media Tools

There used to be a time when tracking and reporting social media analytics used to be difficult for digital marketers. But after the social-media boom, analytics tools are very easy to find. The hard part now is deciding which tool to use. To make things easier, I’ve listed some of the best tools available in the market.

TrendSpottr – predictive trend intelligence tool for social media

Social Media Analytics Tools-TrendSpottrTrendSpottr is a cloud-based predictive analytics tool that identifies and predicts trends in real-time from big data streams, including from Twitter and Facebook. It’s easy to staying ahead of the game by looking at emerging news, events, and influencers that have high viral potential and market impact. Content and social marketers use TrendSpottr to discover and share timely, trending and relevant content that will resonate with their audience. Free 7 days trial and  starts at $49/month subscription.

TrackMaven – full impact of marketing

Social Media Analytics Tools-TrackMaven
TrackMaven is used the world over to understand the full impact of their marketing. Centralize your marketing channels and tools in one place. The TrackMaven platform makes it easy to prove ROI and improve results on over 20 digital channels including social, ads, PR, automation, CRM, and more. For more details ask for a demo and price quote.

Curalate – use social media channel analytics to exceed customer expectations

Social Media Analytics Tools-Curalate
Curalate helps you exceed customer expectations across all of your digital channels – driving traffic, engagement and sales. It offers a comprehensive solution for brands and agencies. For pricing or more deatils send in a request at their website.

SumAll – social media analytics made easy

Social Media Analytics Tools-SumAll
SumAll makes its easy to track information from your major social channels into a single report. A weekly or monthly email with insights on any changes on your social media accounts can be set up. The information is also saved on web dashboard for easy access. 7 day free trial is available and if you like it subscription is $99/month.

Socialbakers –  for success on social media

Social Media Analytics Tools-socialbakers
Socialbaker is for all smart social marketers, as it provides global industry benchmarking and local categorization in social media, Socialbakers is the most versatile, complete service of its kind. Full trial can be requested at website.

Cision – generate greater customer value

Social Media Analytics Tools-cision

Cision’s PR and social software, rich analytics and in-depth insights are a great asset for any decision maker. With this tool it is easy to reach the right audience and manage impact coverage through traditional, digital and social media.

Rival IQ – tool to measure competitors

Social Media Analytics Tools-RivalIQ

Rival IQ is an analytical tool to measure competitors. It provides useful intelligence about the digital activities and successes of your competitors, it is fat and understandable. Free 7 day trial, Individual plan starts at $79/month and Enterprise starts at $299/month.

CrowdBooster – optimize your social media marketing

Social Media Analytics Tools-crowdbooster
CrowdBooster lets you measure and optimize your social media marketing. It also makes recommendations on when to post, how to improve engagement and interaction. Visit their website to get more details on pricing and  get details on when new signups will resume.

Nuvi –  most stunning social media marketing suite

Social Media Analytics Tools-Nuvi

It is touted as the most stunning social media marketing suite. It is a real-time research, monitoring, publishing and analytics platform. the real-time data visualizations are what set NUVI apart.Beautiful, insightful, data-driven designs help in making well informed and sound decisions. Send in a request to get more information on pricing, as it varies according to the amount of data that will be used.

Crimson Hexagon – derive insights from social data

Social Media Analytics Tools-Crimson Hexagon
Crimson Hexagon uses insights derived from social data to drive strategy. Recently, it’s data archive is destined to surpassed a trillion posts. With access to so much data, there’s essentially no limit to the types of questions that can be answered. To learn more send in a request for a quote and demo request.

Zuum – Using social media analytics to make better decisions

Social Media Analytics Tools-Zuum
Zuum pulls together data from different networks and presents integrated data views that add contextual relevance to the information, helping you make better decisions. Zuum is free for Facebook analysis and strats at $64/month for all social networks and one brand.

Simply Measured – social analysis and monitoring

Social Media Analytics Tools-Simply Measured

Simply Measured gives the broad picture of your social media efforts, from brand reach to business value, thus enabling you to make better decisions. Pinpoint which content and campaigns works the best. Compare performance on channels and compare with your competitors. Learn about your audience and what resonates with them. For more information request a demo on their website.