Best Webinar tools

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Best Webinar tools

Webinars are a very cool way to get your ideas across to your audience – from technical product tutorials to business workshops. It appeals to every type of buyer persona and it helps you market your business to the next level.

Now its no surprise that webinar software are extremely popular. In today’s post we take a deeper look at the various webinar solutions out there in the market. If you’re considering incorporating webinars in your market strategy, then this post is a good starting point.

ReadyTalk – webinars without worries

ReadyTalk is a one-stop cloud communications provider that provides unified communications through audio, web and video conferencing, webinars and webcasts. With ReadyTalk, it is easier to generate leads, demo your products, train customers and increase brand awareness. It has great reviews on customer support. Starting from $119/month upto 149 participants + 1 host, contract for a year. Try the trial period for 15 days as it is free with no obligations, to get a better idea of what the product can do.

WebEx – webinars made easy

WebEx part of Cisco Systems offers secure video conferencing for individuals, business, and the enterprise. With WeEx it is easy to set up a meeting via your computer or your mobile. Organizing for up for up to 100 people for meetings, webinars, events or training is now a breeze. Pricing starts $24/month for up to 8 people.

BrightTalk – easy webinar solutions

BrightTalk brings professional and businesses together to learn and grow. It allows you to reach large audiences and is ideal for medium to large businesses interested in building a community. It serves as a platform for formal webinars, and its audio and visual quality reflect that high standard. Screen share in real time, upload videos and transfer files are all possible. Contact BrightTalk for more details on pricing packages.

iMeet – all in one tool

iMeet is an all in one web, audio and video conferencing solution that gives you the tools to communicate and collaborate more effectively. A very clean and easy to use interface. Features included are enhanced communication such as chat, file sharing, presence, and peer-to-peer voice and video calling. For more details on pricing and support contact iMeet.

GoToMeeting – easy online meeting

GoToMeeting supports up to 100 attendees in maximum. If you have more attendees then look into GoToWebinar as it supports up to 2,000 participants. Features like multi-national toll-free numbers are a good option for international participants. Starting at $19/month for 10 participants.

GoToWebinar – easy to use web conferencing

GoToWebinar is a webinar software that is part of GoToMeeting. One of the difference between the two products is the number of participants, for larger attendees GoTowebinar is ideal. It is a very easy and simple software to use with which you can also sends reminder emails. It features a free-floating control panel that allows you to utilize more tools on your desktop. Starter package is $89/month for 100 participants.

Webinars OnAir – simply webinar

Webinars OnAir is a webinar service that is geared toward simplicity and focuses on providing professional webinar that are most cost-effective. A new tracking pixel feature helps in targeting audience. Free trial period of 30 days with no obligation is also offered. For pricing details visit website. – free the Webinar

Best-Webinar-tools-JoinMe offers feature-rich video conferencing in two affordable plans. No download of software is required. With just a click on ‘start’ or ‘join’ button,  it is enough to start a meeting. Pricing for Pro is $20/month and Business $25/month.

ClickMeeting – spring into webinars

Run custom-branded webinars and no installation is required. ClickMeeting is affordable, easy to use, versatile, and it’s video conferencing services is ideal for small businesses.Try it for free for 30 days. Starter package price is $21.25/month for two presenters.

AnyMeeting – flawless webinars

AnyMeeting previously known as Freebinar, is engineered to help grow your business, get more leads with webinars and close more deals with online meetings. It is a simple yet powerful webinar and web conferencing tool for small businesses. It is easy, reliable and affordable. Package price starts at $78/month and host 100 attendee per webinar.