Blog Frequency – How Often Should You Blog?

“How often should I post a new blog?” That’s a great question. With no simple answer. Blog frequency really depends on a number of factors, all of which influence how much you should post.

Here a few blog scenarios where post frequency varies.

Breaking News Blogs

This is an easy start point for asking yourself the blog frequency question. If your content primarily revolves around breaking industry news, you should publish new content as much as possible.

The goal of this type of blog is to come out with timely content. This shows that your ahead of the curve and up on new industry trends.

This type of content marketing strategy calls for a high blog frequency. Aim for +7 new blogs per week.

SMB Blogs

For SMBs, the goal of your blog is not commenting on breaking news, but to establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

There is no write or wrong answer for how much you should post, but a good frequency for building your industry influence is to post 1 -2 times a week. Try to have posts come on the same days as well – e.g. on Tuesday and Fridays. That way, your audience will know what day to return to your blog for more expert knowledge.

SMB’s should focus on a medium blog frequency – 1 -2 times per-week.

Large Enterprise Blogs

A Large Enterprise most likely has influence in their industry. But to cement thought-leadership, Enterprises should post new content often.

Enterprises are great candidates for high blog frequency because they are successful within their industry. Your customers / followers are looking to you for expert knowledge. You have to satisfy this need with fresh content. This will help your enterprise improve existing customer relationships and drive new leads to your site.

A Large enterprise should focus on high blog frequency – 4 – 5 blogs per-week.

Why does Blog Frequency Matter?

Blog frequency matters for different types of blogs. Your blog has to cater to the needs of your readers, so make sure your giving enough content to sink their teeth into.