Blog Promotion – Where to Share Your Content?

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Blog promotion is crucial to the success of any blog. Neglecting to share your content leads to a stockpile of posts with very little views to show for it.

A popular way to promote your blogs is through social media. Odds are your target readers are on one of the major social networks. And so it’s up to you to hone in on the right social network and make sure your content is reaching your target audience.

How To Choose The Right Social Network for Blog Promotion

Hitting your ideal readership starts with choosing the right social networks to promote on. Posting your content to irrelevant social networks is a waste of time and effort. So you want to be sharing your blogs on networks that are going to generate results.

Here are a few different ways you can hone in on the right social network for blog promotion:

  • Go With Your Gut: Think about your industry audience and which social network they’re likely to use. In addition, you want to use social network they are using for professional purposes. This is where you’re most likely to get engagement.
  • Try & Test: Set up a controlled test where you share content across all major social networks. The key to this is testing unique styles of content on different social networks. This will show you A) where your blogs are most likely to get social engagement. And B) if a certain style of post does better on a certain social network.
  • Analyze Your Industry: If you not sure exactly where your most valuable readers are, look to where successful blogs share content. This is a good strategy because it’s quick and effective.

A quick way to see if your social sharing is aligned with your industry is to use Pagezii Social Metrics Platform data. Your Pagezii Blog Pulse Report shows industry average social shares by platform. If you see high industry averages for a particular social network (usually the case), then you’ll want to focus your blog promotion there. Here are a few examples:

Blog Promotion Not Aligned with Industry


In the above example, we see industry alignment is off for blog promotion. While this case shows your blog receives good social shares, you may be missing out on the highest quality of visitors. In this case, that would be on LinkedIn.

Blog Promotion Aligned with Industry


Here we see a well-aligned blog promotion strategy. Notice how your blog follows the tapered-down trend for industry social engagement. This data shows that you’re focusing your resources on the right channels.

Why It’s Important to Share Content On the Right Social Networks

There’s no right or wrong answer to where you should post content. What matters is that you’re making the most of your promotional efforts. As a result, you want to get your blogs in front of readers that will value your content.

I’ve found it’s good to use all three strategies I’ve mentioned above. This will help you understand exactly which content resonates on which platforms.