How To Check SERP Competitors In Seconds For Smart Keyword Targeting

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Before you publish any new content – A blog post, a landing page, a new products page, you NEED to check SERP competitors first. Because it’s the only way to validate your content production efforts. 

And you can check SERP competitors in seconds using Pagezii. Here’s how.

How To Check SERP Competitors Using Pagezii

The first thing you need to do is go to Pagezii’s SEO Keyword Analyzer.

check SERP Competitors with Pagezii SEO Keyword Analyzer

Enter a keyword that you want to check SERP competitors for. In this tutorial, I’ll use the keyword “SEO Audit Report Template”.

Once you hit search, the Keyword Analyzer will generate the results. They’ll look like this:

Check SERP competitors SEO Keyword Analyzer Results

And here’s a quick breakdown:

Keyword Ranking Difficulty And Search Intent

You’ll first notice keyword ranking difficulty and search intent match analysis.

check SERP Competitors Difficulty and Search Intent

This is going to tell you how hard it is to compete in a SERP. It’ll also tell you what type of content to produce based on the search query.

You can use this data to determine if targeting a specific keyword is worth it at a quick glance.

Detailed Page One Breakdown

After analyzing ranking effort and search-intent breakdown, you can dive into the details of SERP competitors.

Check SERP competitors Page One Breakdown

The Top Search Hits section shows you page one results for a given keyword. It shows the top hits for a given SERP, and how each result performs through the following dimensions:

  • SEO Score
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Search-Intent Match
  • Overall Difficulty

By simply entering your target keyword, you can check SERP competitors in seconds.

For more information on each performance dimension, read this blog post:

Now you know how to check SERP competitors in seconds. So let’s shift focus to the why.

Why You NEED To Check SERP Competitors Before Content Production

Here’s what separates marketers with an SEO mindset vs those without it:

You’re thinking of search engine visibility before you create content.

Because you know:

If you’re not ranking in top positions for your target query, you won’t generate sustainable traffic.

Check SEO Competitors SEO Mindset


Before you start creating content, you need to see if you’re going to stand a fighting chance at achieving search visibility.

Here is a tip to keep in mind.

If your site has a low domain authority, SERP competitors (with higher domain authority) already have an advantage on you. So, to fight back, target unique keywords with lower competition using your blog and downloads pages. This is going to build your site’s domain authority steadily over time.

But there is a trick here:

You don’t want to target keywords generating zero search buzz. A technique you can use is this:

Target queries that are generating search interest, with ~1M results. It looks like this:

check serp competitors technique

And with these types of targets, you can start to develop your domain authority. Because sites will link to your content, and you’ll attract quality traffic to your site, day in and day out.

After this quick test, then back up your hunch with the SEO Keyword Analyzer. This is going to validate your effort moving forward.

check serp competitors validate

And then you know, this keyword is an easy target and will generate visitor traffic.

Check SERP Competitors For Smart Keyword Targeting

You now know how to check SERP competitors in seconds and why it’s so important for validating your content efforts.

Use the SEO keyword Analyzer today and start targeting keywords the smart way.

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