Must-Read Content Marketing Blogs in 2017


2017 Must-Read Content Marketing Blogs

Content marketing is taking the industry by storm. We’re seeing it from startups to the Enterprise. And because content marketing is taking over, you have to be in the know.

That’s why we’ve put together the must-read list of content marketing blogs for 2017.

HubSpot Content Marketing

Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017 HubSpot Content Marketing

HubSpot blogs are known for great writing combined with useful knowledge – and their content marketing category doesn’t disappoint. HubSpot is a content marketing success story itself – which means you’re getting proven content marketing tips and techniques.

  • Post Length: 3 pages
  • Average Shares: 1,130
  • Top Social Platform: LinkedIn
  • Must-Read for: Engaging Content, Fresh Content

Content Marketing Institute

Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017 Content Marketing InstituteIf you’re looking for blogs written by true content marketing aficionados, head over the CMI blog. CMI has one goal in mind: advancing the practice of content marketing. With research and articles for both B2B and B2C, CMI is a must-read for content marketers in 2017.

  • Post Length: 5 pages
  • Average Shares: 580
  • Top Social Platform: LinkedIn
  • Must-Read for: Content Marketing Research, Education and Training, Active Community


Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017Brian Clark and the CopyBlogger team craft top-notch content marketing blogs that any content marketer can enjoy. Their articles cover all areas of content marketing, from podcasting to building your membership program. Visit the CopyBlogger site for well-written blogs.

  • Post Length: 4 pages
  • Average Shares: 530
  • Top Social Platform: Facebook
  • Must-Read for: Industry Content Marketing Leader, Fresh Blogs, Engaging Content

Marketing Land

Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017 Marketing LandThe Marketing Land Blog discusses all things content marketing. Keep up to date on tools and tactics in the industry in 2017 with Marketing Land expert columns.

  • Post Length: 3 pages
  • Average Shares: 330
  • Top Social Platform: Twitter
  • Must-Read for: How-To Guides, Daily Fresh Content


Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017 Smart BloggerJon Morrow and the SmartBlogger writers are a must-read in 2017. Their detailed content and story-telling abilities leave no stone unturned when it comes to content marketing. A great combination of expert knowledge and engaging articles.

  • Post Length: 19 pages
  • Average Shares: 150
  • Top Social Platform: LinkedIn
  • Must-Read for: Long-form Content, Engaging Content, Recommended Tools


Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017 ProBloggerProBlogger focuses on the blogging aspect of content marketing. For content marketers looking to up their blog game, ProBlogger is a must-read in 2017.

  • Post Length: 4 pages
  • Average Shares: 130
  • Top Social Platform: Twitter
  • Must-Read for: Resources Section, Job Board, Unique Content Portals

Convince and Convert

Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017 Convince and ConvertGreat blogs from one of the top content marketing influencer’s in the industry – Jay Baer. If you’re looking for advice and knowledge from content marketing titan, Convince and Convert is a 2017 must-read.

  • Post Length: 3 pages
  • Average Shares: 130
  • Top Social Platform: LinkedIn
  • Must-Read for: Live Training, Content Marketing Resources


Must Read Content Marketing Blogs 2017 GrowthHackersLooking for constant content marketing updates? Check out the GrowthHackers blog. With tons of new posts published each week, you can’t get enough content marketing content from GrowthHackers.

  • Post Length: 2 pages
  • Average Shares: 15
  • Top Social Platform: Facebook
  • Must-Read for: Fresh Content, Solid Blog UX

2017 Must-Read Content Marketing Blogs

Content marketing is gaining steam in the industry and showing no signs of slowing down. That means you as a content marketer have to keep your tools sharp to stay competitive. Stay on top of your game by following these must-read content marketing blogs in 2017.