Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins – Expert Recommendations

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins

If you’re a Digital Marketer looking to take your WordPress site to the next level, you’ll need the right tools.

And to help you breakthrough, we asked our pool of experts to share their favorite Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins. And they came through.

Here are the top Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins for SEO, website analytics, and more.

WP Rocket – Site Optimization

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins Adam Grist WP Rocket

Site speed is important for a number of reasons. For one it plays a major role in visitor user experience. It also plays a role in search engine ranking. Here’s Adam Grist on WP Rocket, his top plugin for keeping a sharp site.

When it comes to digital growth you cannot underestimate the value of site speed. One of the most powerful ranking factors there is in search engine marketing, your site should be super quick to not only improve your search positions but improve user experience and engagement.

WP Rocket is one of the first plugins we turn to for caching when working with WordPress, for large and small websites and businesses, it delivers. WordPress is often associated with free plugins, many of which are fantastic and have helped create WordPress into the open source powerhouse it is today, but sometimes small investments in quality products are worth it.

To improve the performance of your website and increase leads, get great caching in place and Wp Rocket is our pick of the bunch.

MonsterInsights – Web Analytics

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins Tory Kalousek MonsterInsight

Understanding your web analytics can be challenging. So you need a Plugin that’s easy to use and delivers your data. Here’s Tory Kalousek on her to analytics plugin – MonsterInsights.

We’ve found that some Google codes cause issues with different WordPress themes. In particular, analytics codes.

To combat this, we use MonsterInsights plugin for Google Analytics. This plugin allows for easy tracking of website data and won’t alter the theme. MonsterInsights doesn’t compromise any of Google Analytics’ capabilities, such as e-commerce and ads tracking, custom dimensions, event tracking or real-time analytics.

For us, this is incredibly beneficial, as our clients using WordPress work across several industries. This plugin allows for viewing data within the interface as well as through your Google Analytics account and is incredibly easy to use.

SkyStats – Web Analytics

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins Jonathan Jenkins SkyStats

Sticking with the analytics theme, Jonathan Jenkins discusses SkyStats, another analytics plugin to look into.

I’m a big fan of the SkyStats plugin. It’s an all in one marketing dashboard, allowing you to pull in metrics from multiple marketing channels, keeping your finger on the pulse of various marketing campaigns.

Current integrations include Analytics, various social media channels, MailChimp, and more. It’s also a really attractive dashboard, meaning that reviewing your marketing progress is easy on the eye.

Sumo – List Building

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins Antonella Pisani Sumo

As Marketers, we know the importance of capturing lead data. And this idea goes beyond building subscriber lists. It also looks at how visitors are interacting with our content. Antonella Pisani shares Sumo, her top Plugin for list-building and capturing lead data.

The WordPress plugin and service that I can’t live without is Sumo. I use their product for everything from email list capture, to heat maps, feedback capture, and content analytics. They provide services that would cost much more from other providers and it’s easy to integrate into WordPress via plugin or otherwise.

Sumo provides A/B testing for their list builder, and I’ve also been able to leverage it when I’ve run giveaways in the past. With a forthcoming homepage redesign, I was able to capture a heat map and provide it to my designers, and now that we’re starting to write longer blog posts, I’ve implemented content analytics to understand where the drop off points are.

Yoast SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins Richard Herby Yoast SEO

When we discuss digital marketing WordPress plugins, no list is complete without Yoast SEO. Here’s Richard Heby on why it’s an essential plugin.

For every blog I’ve ever managed, the one essential plugin that I use every time is Yoast SEO. It’s the simplest way to write content with SEO in mind.

The plugin lets you set a focus keyword, offers readability tips, and even explains best practices for images. You gain knowledge from this plugin, which is more valuable than the service any tool can provide. That’s knowledge you can take with you to any piece of digital content to ensure it has the best possible SEO value it can.

Redirection – Site Optimization

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins Samantha Avneri Redirection

Sometimes it’s the simplest digital marketing plugins that bring the most value. Samantha Avneri tells us why she Redirection is so simple yet useful.

A small but amazingly useful Plugin is Redirection. It picks up any 404’s, but what I really love about it is the super easy way you can add new and old URL and it sets up for redirect for you.

Yoast premium does this if you updated the slug on a specific page, but if you realize a certain page that people keeping landing on is actually not a real web page and you want to direct it to a more appropriate one, or like I did recently with our site redesign – redirected old pages to their slightly different and newer page, it was a cinch!

RankYa LocalBusiness Schema Markup – Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins Eagen Heath RankYa

You’ve seen it in action before – pieces of business information that appear in search results. Even before position one. That’s schema markup and structured data at work. And to help him generate this information, Eagan Heath uses RankYa.

RankYa’s LocalBusiness Schema Markup Plugin makes adding rich snippet markup a snap for local business websites. This helps you tell search engines more about the business information on your website and almost certainly puts you above what others are doing.

A great feature is that you can mark up information that isn’t visible to website visitors. This can be especially handy for service area businesses whose owners work out of their homes and don’t want people stopping by to see they don’t have an office.

Pagezii SEO Agency Plugin

And to finish, we wanted to showcase our Pagezii SEO Agency Plugin. It’s built for Marketing Agencies looking to streamline their lead capture process from the site.

The plugin lets visitors create full audit reports on their site – including site analysis for SEO, UX, Blog and social footprints. Since the PDF report is emailed to the visitor, it’s also CC’ed to the Agency’s sales team for further follow-up. Try out the tool and let us know what your thoughts.

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Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins – Expert Recommendations

For whatever your marketing needs, whether SEO, site optimization or analytics, there’s a WordPress plugin for you.

Thank you to our expert contributors for sharing their top digital marketing plugins. Make sure to give them a look in the WordPress plugin directory.