How to Find Trending Topics

What’s the latest buzz in your industry?

Every industry has new trending topics that keep their communities hungry for content.

Some trends are short-lived, coming on the scene with a bang then quieting down. Others are more prolonged and rewrite the rules of the game for industries.

All trends are different, but one thing is consistent – it’s what your industry is talking about. Here are a few ways to dig up emerging industry trends and why you should focus on what’s popular.

Digging Up Trending Topics

It’s hard to miss popular trending topics. Everyone is talking about it. And this gives you a chance to toss in your two cents.

But other trends are harder to see, especially ones that are just catching fire.

Try these techniques to discover new trending topics to focus on in your blog.

Pay Attention to Your Competitors

Your competitors can point you towards trending industry topics that you haven’t leveraged… yet.

Want to see what trending topics your competitors are blogging about? Check out the Pagezii Blog Pulse report. It gives you a breakdown of what you and competitor blogs are writing about in the Keyword Analysis section.

Here’s an example of Trending Keyword data for the cyber security industry:

Trending Topics Keyword Data Pagezii

You’ll get to see what topics your blog tends to focus on, and what your competitors are writing about. You’ll also see how well you’re aligning your content with popular industry topics through the Trend Focus score.

Trending Keyword Interest

Take your keyword data analysis one step further with Interest tracking. Trending Keyword Interest shows you which industry blog is doing the best job of focusing on a trending topic. You can see this data by hovering over Trending Industry Keywords highlighted in blue.

Trending Topics Pagezii Blog Pulse Keyword Interest

In our example above, is dominating interest for the keyword “Security.”

Because “Security” is such a prominent trending keyword in cyber security, it may be a good idea to focus future blogs on this topic. Now that you know what trending topics you need to pick up on, craft future posts with them in mind.

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Listen to the Community

Tune into social networks and community forums. This is where you’ll find members of your industry discussing popular topics.

A good resource to use is the Twitter explore page. Type in a few keywords relating to your business and see what users are sending out to the tweetosphere.

LinkedIn groups are also a useful resource. A LinkedIn group is essentially a community forum. Checking out the latest news in the group feed can give you a few hints to what’s emerging in your industry.

Talk to Your Customer Success Team

Your Customer Success team can tell you what your customers are talking about. Consult your Customer Success team to see if there are any reoccurring questions your clients are asking about.

Your customer Success team may be able to shed some light on industry trends that have yet to blow-up.  

Why You Should Focus on Trending Industry Topics:

Trending industry topics are going to bring more of your target audience to your blog. Because trending topics already have the attention of your audience, you need to leverage this momentum and use it to generate traffic to your blog.

Showing your readers that you’re up on trends shows industry leadership, turning website visitors into sales prospects.