Linking your Google Account to Pagezii

Linking and Managing your Account

Pagezii Blog, SEO and UX reports let you track, review and optimize your site. By default, Pagezii reports run automatically and help you optimize your digital marketing footprint.

And to get the most out of your reports, you’ll want to connect your Google Account to Pagezii. Doing this will give you exact metrics to analyze, helping you make smarter digital marketing decisions.

You can connect your Google Account to a report at any time. For this walkthrough, we’ll be using the Pagezii Blog Report as an example.

Connecting a Google Account During Setup

You can connect your Google Account during the report setup.

To set up a new report, click the “Blog Analysis” menu item.

Pagezii Digital Marketing app menu

From there, click “Setup New Report”, found in the “Create a scheduled report” panel.

 Pagezii new Blog Analysis Report

Before adding your blog URL, competitors and keywords, click the “Connect” button at the top of the page. This is where you’ll link your Google account.

Connect Google account to Pagezii Blog Report

Next, you will be redirected to a Google login page.

If you’re already signed-in to your Google account, select that profile from the list. If you don’t see your account listed, or wish to use a new account, enter the preferred account credentials.

Pagezii report set up Google account select

After signing in, you’ll be redirected back to the report setup screen. Your account is now connected to Pagezii – that was easy!

Now you can get back to setting up your report.

If you decide that you want to switch the account that you use for the report – or remove your Google account entirely – click here to skip the next section and learn how.

Connecting a Google Account to an Existing Report

Already set up a report without connecting your account? No worries – you can still easily connect your account on the report edit page.

To start, find the report you want to connect your account to in the Blog Analysis dashboard. Click on the “Edit” icon to the right of the “View Report” button.

At the top of the edit report page, click on the “Connect” button to select the desired account.

You will be redirected to a Google login page. Choose your Google account from the list, or sign in if you don’t see it here.

Connect Google account to existing Pagezii Blog Report

Once you’ve confirmed the account you want to add, you will be taken back to the report edit screen.This means your account is connected with Pagezii.

When you’re finished editing, click “Confirm” at the bottom of the page to save your changes. You will start seeing your new Google Analytics or Search Console data the next time your report runs.

Want to see instant changes to your report? click “Confirm and Run” to rerun the report on the spot.

Changing a Connected Google Account

After you’ve connected your account and checked out the report, you may want to switch the account to see different data.

To change your Google account, find the report in the Blog Analysis dashboard and click on the “Edit” button.


At the top of the edit page, you’ll see the Google account currently linked with your report.

Click “Choose Other Account” to open the Google login page and choose a different account.

Pagezii report changing Google account from edit screen

Select the account you want to use from the list, or sign in to a new account.

Selecting Google account to link to Pagezii Blog report

After selecting your account, you’ll be redirected to the edit page.

When you’ve finished editing, click on “Confirm” to save your changes.

Removing a Connected Google Account

Want to disconnect your Google account from Pagezii? Not a problem, here’s how:

Go to your account settings and click on “Connected Apps & Sites”, under Sign In & Security.

Google account settings

On the next screen, click “Manage Apps”. Find and select Pagezii in the list of connected apps and click “Remove”.

Unlink Pagezii App from Google settings

This will disconnect your Google account from Pagezi. Your reports will no longer use Google Analytics or Search Console data.

And if you change your mind, you can re-connect your account at any time.

Connecting Google Accounts to Pagezii

Your Google accounts connected – time to sit back and let Pagezii do the legwork for you. Once your reports start rolling in, you’ll have a ton of data to analyze right at your fingertips.

Happy optimizing – and thanks for using Pagezii!