Cognitive Ease – The Truth Behind Messaging

As digital marketing professionals, we want our landing pages to perform well. Which is why we should pay attention to cognitive ease.

Reducing Cognitive Load

One way of improving performance is to reduce the “Cognitive load” on a page.

This is something that we use frequently in Pagezii. When we perform landing page analysis using our tool, we look at cognitive load – that is an indication of how much “mental processing” a visitor has to perform to understand the marketing message on the page.

The less cognitive load, the more likely the visitor will interact with the Call-to-Action.

Use the Pagezii UX Grader to analyze a page


A Different Perspective: Cognitive Ease

Another way of looking at this is with the concept of cognitive ease – the idea that things feel true and comforting the more we hear about them.

Derek Muller from Vertasium talks about cognitive ease in this video. This provides great insight and a must see for advertisers.