Monthly Author Report

Pagezii Monthly Author Report

The Monthly Author report generated by Pagezii is a detailed report available to premium Pagezii accounts. The report breaks down author metrics from:

  • Number of Posts
  • Reader views
  • Social shares
  • Reader Profiles
  • SEO score

Author of the Month

The report introduces gamification to your content team by awarding author of the month in three categories:

  • Best Seller – The blogger who generates the most reads for posts written in that month
  • Social Butterfly – The blogger who has the highest average shares per post written in that month
  • Riveting Writer – The blogger who has the lowest bounce rate for all published posts


Year-to-Date Leaderboard

All posts published in the calendar year are analyzed and attributed to their authors under the leaderboard. This gives a running total of published Posts, Reader Views, Social Shares, average Bounce rate, most common Reader Profile and overall SEO score for all authors in your team.


Gamification through Badges

Further details of the author reveal monthly and YTD metrics as well as milestone badges. These badges change from Red to Orange to Green, depending on the level of milestones reached. The gamification provides further motivation to your authors to compete with themselves as well as other members of the content marketing team.


Using the Monthly Author Report

The benefit of sharing the monthly report with your content marketing team is two-fold. First, it motivates your team to keep track of their performance and optimize content to get ahead on the leaderboard. The second benefit is a greater understanding of why some authors resonate with your target audience. And then sharing their winning strategies within the company to boost your blogging efforts.