The holidays are just around the corner – time to warm up by the fire with your favorite blogs!

And to keep you reading, we’ve rounded up another batch of top blogs. Here are our top picks from the past month.

Kinaxis – Author Diversity

A range of blog contributors helps diversify your content.

Diversified content means your blog can reach different types of readers across your audience.

Within your audience, you have unique readers with unique content preferences. This idea is extra important for blogs catering to a range of industries.

One of the largest content teams we came across this month was home to Kinaxis. Their diverse team of content contributors allows their blog to cast a wide net, making sure all reader-types have content to consume.

Pagezii Blog Roundup December Kinaxis Blog

Kinaxis Blog

Pro Tip: There are a few ways to diversify your blog. You can take the internal route and find colleagues who want to share their knowledge with your subscribers. There’s also the external route. This means looking outside the company for guest bloggers eager to contribute content.

Cornerstone OnDemand – Social Butterfly

Building a social footprint takes time and effort, but the fruits of your labor are well worth it.

A strong social presence brings in new visitors and returns readers to your content.

Not only are social channels great for bringing in blog traffic, it’s become a building block for industry thought-leadership.

The Cornerstone OnDemand REWORK blog hits the nail on the head when it comes to social promotion. This social butterfly generates hundreds of shares per post, reigning in interested blog visitors.

Pagezii Blog Roundup December Cornerstone Ondemand BlogREWORK Blog

Pro Tip: The idea behind social promotion is to get engagement and gain traction in your industry. For this to work you have to promote your content on platforms that make sense for your business. Sharing content on Facebook when your audience is on LinkedIn means you’re missing the mark. This takes away from your status as an industry thought-leader.

Vainu – Blog UX

Does your blog look-n-feel keep users stuck to your content? This is the goal of awesome blog UX.

Taking blog UX seriously means crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. It’s the details that matter – like image consistency, making site navigation available, and using lots of white space.

When we saw the Vainu blog we knew instantly it hits a UX home run. Their clean design reflects their level of professionalism. This engages readers and keeps them interacting with Vainu’s content.

Pagezii Blog Roundup December Vainu Blog

Vainu Blog

Pro Tip: Blog UX means your content is easy to navigate and use. We all have blogs that we instinctively go to based on the pleasure we get from being there. When your blog hits home on solid UX, you satisfy your readers and create blog loyalty.

Signiant – Well-Rounded Writing

Blogs catering to a diverse audience have to use a variety of communications styles. This gets your message through to readers with different tastes for consuming content.

For these blogs, some posts call for content with a direct and easily digestible message. Others require technical writing with an advanced subject matter.

We saw well-rounded writing in effect when we came across the Signiant blog. A diverse writing style helps their message reach niche readers in their audience.


Signiant Blog

Pro Tip: It’s important for blogs communicating across industries to tailor writing style. This boosts content engagement and promotes your blog as a trusted expert in the field.

Voice of the North – Search-Friendly Writing

Anyone in marketing knows SEO is important. If you want a consistent stream of organic traffic hitting your blog, crafting search-friendly content is key.

But what makes search engine visitors so valuable? The answer is their intent.

Visitors who come to your blog through search engines are actively seeking answers. And ranking high in a search engine for the right keywords means serious volumes of interested visitors hitting your blog.

One blog that understands how to increase SEO rank is the Voice of the North. With their well-optimized content, they’re able to bring in tons of visitors.

Pagezii Blog Roundup December Voice of the North Blog

Voice of the North Blog

Pro Tip: Before you begin writing, have an idea of how users are searching for content relating to your topic. Craft posts with this in mind, optimizing on-page SEO factors along the way.

MeetnGreetMe – Topic Focused Writing

Focusing on blog topics relating to your product or services shows your industry expertise. This idea is important to keep in mind for blogs that want new visitors.

The MeetnGreetMe blog knows all about this technique. When new visitors hit their blog looking for travel tips and concierge services, MeetnGreetMe has the answers.

Pagezii Monthly Blog Roundup Meetngreetme Blog

MeetnGreetMe Blog

Pro Tip: Focusing topics relating to your products or services is a great way to turn new site visitors into prospects. It shows new visitors your company is an expert in the field. This builds brand trust, turning visitors into customers.

Blog Roundup – December

There’s your fresh batch of blogs for the month. Time to cozy up by the fire and enjoy great content. Tune in later on this month for our top blogs roundup for 2017!