Top Blog Roundup - February Edition

2017 is officially off and running. And to keep your blog tools sharp, we’ve gathered the top blogs to follow in February. 

Stay up-to-date with these blogs and learn the latest techniques in the industry.

Talari Networks – Tailored Writing

Engaging your blog readers with the right style of communication is key. This is because your readers are unique. They come to your blog for knowledge and content that resonates with them.

The idea of tailored writing is no secret to the Talari blog. Their content writers have honed in on a style of writing that keeps their readers coming back for more.

Pro Tip: If your blog caters to a niche set of readers, tailoring your writing style will increase blog engagement, leading to brand trust. You can analyze your blog communication style using the Blog Analysis Report.

Officevibe – Social Butterfly

Sharing your blog across social networks can bring in serious volumes of site traffic. And from a brand perspective, the more love you get on social, the higher industry leadership you’ll earn.

When it comes to social sharing, the Officevibe Blog is doing all the right things. Their social strategy brings in new site visitors and builds their brand as a leader in the industry.


Pro Tip: It’s not enough to post your content on social networks and hope for traffic to roll in. Your marketing team has to be strategic and targeted. Not only in what they’re posting (e.g. messaging, types of content, etc), but in what social networks their sharing on. Focus on social networks that make sense for your business.

Engagedly – Post Frequency

A regular post schedule tells readers when to return to your blog. And the more blogs you publish, the more returns you can expect.

With new posts published weekly, the Engagedly blog understands the power of post frequency. Their regular blogging gives readers an idea of when to come back for content.

Pagezii Top Blogs Roundup Engagedly Blog

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re maintaining post frequency using a content calendar. A content calendar maps out future topics and maintains your publishing schedule. This process leads to higher return visits to your blog.

PiinPoint – Blog SEO

Blog SEO doesn’t only bring high traffic volumes – it brings interested visitors to your site. This is because users are actively searching for content that your blog discusses.

One blog we came across this month that knows SEO is home to PiinPoint. Their search-friendly blogs help them jump organic ranks and provide value to interested searchers.

Pagezii Top Blogs Roundup PiinPoint Blog

Pro Tip: Improving blog SEO starts with keyword research. Once you’ve honed in on target keywords, improve on page SEO elements to rank well in search engines.

Thru – Author Diversity

With more writers comes variety. And while your blog may cater to a specific reader-type, from time to time you’ll catch a unique persona. This is where author diversity is key.

This month, the Thru blog showed all the signs of author diversity. Their large content team allows their blogs to reach segmented audiences.

Pagezii Top Blogs Roundup Thru Inc

Pro Tip: Your Marketing team can take different routes to increase author diversity. You can look inside the company for colleagues who can share their knowledge. You can also look for industry thought-leaders to contribute to your blog. Both have their advantages.

February Blog Roundup

That does it for this month’s blog roundup. Check back next month too for more top-notch company blogs – maybe you’ll find your blog featured!