Monthly Blog Roundup – June

Monthly Blog Roundup June Pagezii Digital Marketing Blog

Monthly Blog Roundup - June Edition

Each month we highlight blogs that hit home on content marketing techniques and strategies. And this month, we came across five blogs that are having stellar performances.

Keep reading to see how these blogs have success with social promotion, SEO, blog design, and more.

Social Promotion – Sendible

Social promotion is a must for your blog. Because it shows your active in communities.

Not only that, but it also builds your follower base making your blog a force to reckon with in the industry.

Just check out how the Sendible team does it. They share their industry expertise with their huge follower base by promoting their blogs.

Monthly Blog Roundup June Sendible

This builds Sendible’s authority in their industry and has helped them surpass 15K followers on Twitter.

Blog Promotion Pro Tip: Share blog content on networks that make sense for your business. AKA networks that generate a high return on engagement.

Search-Friendly Writing – Fuze SEO

Do you use your blog as a lead-gen tool? Then make sure you’re writing SEO-friendly blogs.

Because visitors entering your site from organic search are looking for answers. And when you rank high for valuable terms, users will click. This is where you can position your business as the solution.

One blog we saw tapping into this technique was Fuze SEO.

Monthly Blog Roundup June Fuze SEO

By optimizing blogs for search engines they drive high volumes of quality visitors to their site.

Blog SEO Pro Tip: A blog is all about providing value. So when you write, share useful insights first. Then, go back and optimize your content for target keywords. Check out this video on how to SEO your blog posts.

Blog Design – ApplinSkinner

Getting visitors to your blog is hard. So when they do visit, you have to keep them there. And this is where blog design comes into play.

Because keeping visitors on your site leads to further business. If visitors land on your blog and have a great experience, you can bet they’ll check out more of your site.

You can see beautiful design in action on the ApplinSkinner Blog.

Monthly Blog Roundup June Applin Skinner

Their simple design and layout make it easy for visitors to stick around.

Blog Design Pro Tip: Because your blog is chalk full of knowledge, don’t overwhelm readers with too many bells and whistles. You can see how the ApplinSkinner blog does this through their use of white space. Lowering distraction factors is a great way to keep visitors surfing your content.

Long-Form Content – Matchnode

Long-form content are posts aimed at providing a complete answer on a topic. It’s a strategy to boost your blog’s SEO, generate social engagement, and build your industry thought leadership.

So how long is long-form content? It varies across every blog. But we’ll classify it here as +2,000 word posts.

And one content marketing team we saw using this technique was home to Matchnode.

Monthly Blog Roundup June Matchnode

By writing detailed content, the Matchnode team is able to hit home on their content marketing goals.

Long-Form Content Pro Tip: It’s not easy producing content at this level. It takes time and effort. Here’s a quick strategy to use: write your posts and publish them when you can. After that, go back and continue to add content. After a few blog post updates, you should be able to surpass the 2,000-word mark.

High Post Frequency – OppLoans

You love reading new posts. And so do your readers. So give your readers what they want by publishing content weekly.

High post frequency shows visitors your active when it comes to knowledge sharing. This turns new visitors into returning visitors and builds trust in your brand.

One blog that nails this strategy is the OppLoans blog.

Monthly Blog Roundup June OppLoans

They publish new content almost daily, increasing the opportunity to communicate with prospects.

Post Frequency Pro Tip: Editorial calendars are becoming popular as businesses realize the power of blogging. For larger content teams, it maintains a steady flow of new posts. Learn more about the benefits of content calendars here.

Top Blog Roundup – June Edition

So there you have it, five new blogs that are doing content marketing right. Check out these blogs to see the techniques discussed in practice.

Also, don’t forget to check back next month for a new batch of top blogs. Maybe you’ll see your blog on the list!