Top Blog Round-Up - March

As the weather heats up so do our favorite industry blogs. And we’ve narrowed down our top blogs this month to high performers in SEO, Social Promotion, UX and more.

Here are the top blogs to keep an eye out for in March.


A company blog is invaluable for bringing in quality visitors. And optimizing your content for search engines can turn a few visitors into tons of site traffic.

Writing search-friendly content is no secret to the HRSG Blog. With solid blog SEO, they’re able to generate quality visitor traffic month after month.

Pagezii Monthly Blog Roundup HRSG Blog SEO

Pro Tip: Your blog should be a point of contact with prospects and customers. You can use your blog to talk about common problems your prospects face and touch on important industry topics. Blog SEO improves visibility for these interested searchers.

Greenhouse – Social Butterfly

If you’re not promoting your blog on social networks, you’re not maximizing traffic. Social promotion is essential for bringing online communities to your site. And when done right, the potential for growth is huge.

One of the most popular blogs we came across this month was home to Greenhouse Software. They know which networks work for sharing and how to talk with online communities.

Pagezii Monthly Blog Roundup Greenhouse Blog Social Butterfly

Pro Tip: Promoting blogs across social networks is great for bringing online communities to your site. Here’s another reason why social promotion is a good idea: It builds your brand as an industry thought leader. Social communities associate brand authority with engagement. Make sure you’re tapping into these opportunities.

Helpshift – Post Frequency

Keep your audiences happy with fresh content. Because your audience wants to stay sharp, it gives you an opportunity to meet their needs with new content.

One team we saw honing in on this strategy were the Helpshift bloggers. With over three blogs published each week, their readers know to return for more top-notch content.

Pagezii Monthly Blog Roundup Helpshift High Post Frequency

Pro Tip: Publishing new content opens up the door to tackle new topics before your industry. Think of your blog as a fishing net, the more content you have, the better chance you have for making a catch.

Artificial Solutions – Blog UX

Blog UX means using great design, making navigation easy, making share buttons accessible, etc. And providing this kind of user experience keeps readers around and returning for more.

When we came across the Artificial Intelligence blog, we knew we saw a UX home-run. They use a simple design that makes any reader want to stick around.

Pagezii Monthly Blog Roundup Artificial Solutions Blog Blog UX

Pro Tip: We all have blogs that we frequent because we just love being there. This is blog UX at work. When your blog hits home on solid UX, you satisfy your readers and create loyalty.

SlickPie – Well-Rounded Writing

Depending on your vertical, you may have a wide-ranging audience. And because your audience is diverse, you have to craft content for unique readers. This makes a versatile content team important.

After looking at the SlickPie blog, the first thing we noticed was their well-rounded writing. Which makes complete sense when you look at their industry. Their awesome authors know exactly how to communicate with diverse audiences.

Pagezii Monthly Blog Roundup SlickPie Well rounded Writing

Pro Tip: It’s tough to gauge well-rounded writing. But you can see your content diversity using the Blog Pulse report and Reader Profiles.

March Top Blog Roundup

And there you have it, another edition of Pagezii’s Monthly Blog Round-Up in the books. Make sure to visit the blogs mentioned this month and check back in April to see if you made the list!