October is here and cooler months are just around the corner. Good thing we’ve rounded up another batch of hot blogs to warm up your spirits! Here are the top blogs to check out in October.

Gusto – Author Diversity

How do you diversify your content? One surefire way is to look for contribution from different authors.

The Gusto blog has this technique down to a tee. With over 15 authors contributing top quality content, they have post’s for every reader in their audience.


Gusto Blog

Pro Tip: Increase author diversity by looking inside your own company. See if colleagues from different parts of your organization are interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Rocana – Social Butterfly

Social media can spread valuable content like wildfire. By promoting your content, you open your doors to new visitors and cement your status as an industry thought-leader.

With some of the highest social share averages we’ve seen, the Rocana blog rocks this technique. Their promotional strategy helps their blogs reach new readers and promotes their brand as an IT Ops industry leader.


Rocana Blog

Pro Tip: Make use of trending hashtags, images and video to increase online community engagement. High levels of engagement ups the potential for your content to reach new audiences.

WebPT – Fresh Content

High post frequency has two benefits. The first is that you’re giving readers fresh content to dig into. The second is that your audiences know your blog is updated regularly. This means they’ll return to your site more often in search of new knowledge.

With new content published daily, the WebPT knows the power of fresh content. This helps drive high volumes of visitor traffic to their content regularly.


WebPT Blog

Pro Tip: Make use of an editorial calendar. This helps you set and meet deadlines for publishing new posts. To streamline this process, set specific weekdays to publish new blogs. This way your readers know what day to return to your site for updates.

Zapier – Search-Friendly Content

Optimizing content for search engines helps drive organic traffic to your blog. Not only does optimizing content drive more visitor traffic, but this traffic is highly valuable. This is because these visitors were actively searching for content relating to your blog’s topic.

With one of the highest blog SEO scores we’ve come across in October, Zapier’s content is well optimized. Their high SEO score shows they’re experts when it comes to boosting a blog’s rank in search engines.


Zapier Blog

Pro Tip: Writing search-friendly content revolves around targeting a keyword. This is a keyword that a potential customer would search for to find your blog. Hone in on the target keyword and mention it in your post’s meta tags, headers and body text.

In the Chat – Trend-Focused Writing

Trending topics are what’s popular in an industry. This means industry audiences are talking about these topics, and are looking for content to fuel their knowledge.

In The Chat use this technique to their advantage. Their blog focuses on what’s happening in the Enterprise CustServ industry, which helps drive relevant audiences to their content.


In The Chat Blog

Pro Tip: Discover trending topics by listening to your audience. Do this by keeping tabs on what topics industry thought leaders touch on. You can also analyze what competitors are saying. See what topics competitors are talking about using the Pagezii Blog Pulse Report.

October Blog Roundup

That does for this month’s Blog Roundup. Check back in November to see if your blog made the Top Blogs list.