September signals the end of summer vacation and time to get back to business. To help get motivated, here are a few top blogs we came across this month.

Impraise – Social Butterfly

With content spreading like wildfire, Impraise had one of the most popular blogs we came across in September.


Impraise Blog

Sharing your content with social media communities brings new visitors to your site and promotes your business as an industry thought leader. Impraise’s towering social shares shows us that their content is well-received by their audience.

Pro Tip: When sharing blog content with online communities, make use of trending hashtags, images and video to increase user engagement with your post.

FTP Today – Search-Friendly Writing

Organic visitor traffic equals value – and FTP Today knows it. With an impressive blog SEO score, FTP Today makes sure their content is visible in search engines.


FTP Today Blog

Optimizing content for target keywords increases your blog’s chances of ranking high in a search engine results page (SERP). The higher blog posts rank in a SERP, the more quality visitor traffic your content will recieve.

Pro Tip: Organic traffic is highly valuable. When users find your content through search engines, it’s because they were actively seeking content relating to your blog topic. – Fresh Content

Regular blog frequency is a discipline. It’s no easy task coming out with fresh content multiple times per week – but it’s an area that the blog excels in.

pagezii-monthly-blog-roundup-aha-blog-homepage Blog

With multiple new posts published each week, the blog always has something for their readers to sink their teeth into. By doing this, your readers know they can expect fresh content every week, and will return blog more often.

Pro Tip: It’s good practice to keep a blog schedule with fresh content published on a regular basis. Go one step further and have blog’s come out on set days each week – e.g. Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way your subscribers know exactly when to return.

Docebo – Up On Industry Trends

Want to spark traffic to your blog? Focus on trending topics. Trending topics fuel industry discussion, and mentioning them in your content can drive serious visitor traffic to your blog.


Docebo Blog

Docebo’s high trend focus shows that they know the ins-n-outs of their niche. This drives high volumes of visitor traffic to their content, building readership within their industry.

Pro Tip: A focus on trending topics shows industry thought-leadership. Not only is a focus on trending topics good brand-building practice, but it will drive higher volumes of industry traffic to your blog.

CakeMail – Well-Rounded Writing

Depending on the industry you cater to, you may have a diverse readership. This means your subscriber base varies in their reading style preference. To accommodate this range of readership, your blog has to adapt.


CakeMail Blog

With a wide range of writing styles, the CakeMail blog does just that. Each writer has their own unique style of writing. This provides tailored content to a wide range of readers who have have their own preferences.

Pro Tip: If your business caters to a diverse audience, a well-rounded writing style helps your content reach all readers. A good strategy to hedge writing style is to use different content contributors from your team.

Honorable Mentions

There were a few other blogs that stood out to us based on their creativity, content and promotional style. These blogs include Clarabridge, Signority and TalentMap. Check these blogs out to see how they take content marketing to the next level.


September Blog Roundup

That does it for the September Blog Roundup. Check back in October to see if your blog was featured!