Monthly Blog Roundup – September


Top Blogs for September

Each month, we shine a light on blogs that excel in SEO, promotion, design, and readability.

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And for September, we’re highlighting a few of our summer favorites.

Make sure to check out each blog and give them a book mark to stay up-to-date.

Let’s dive in.

Rebrandly – Consistent Communication Style

Nailing down a specific style of writing is tough. It’s even harder when you have multiple writers all bringing a unique style to the table.

September Top Blog Roundup Rebrandly

But the Rebrandly Blog has their communication style down pat. Their artisan-style writing is the perfect combination of content complexity and reading ease.

Pagezii Insight: Readability is the style in which you communicate to your readers. And having a unified communication style drives home a consistent brand. To learn more about readability, check out Pagezii Reader Profiles.

Photoslurp – Social Butterfly

A blog is no good to you without readers. Which makes promotion a key ingredient in your content marketing strategy.

September Top Blog Roundup Photoslurp

Want to see what awesome blog promotion looks like? Then have a look at how the Photoslurp team spreads their content. Averaging 60 shares a post, PhotoSlurp makes sure audiences get to see their content.

Pagezii Insight: Promoting blog content isn’t a one and done deal. You have to be persistent. Which means sharing your content relentlessly. That’s how you can drive high engagements for every blog you create.

Fieldboom – Search Engine Visibility

Blog SEO helps drive high-quality visitors to your site. And not only that, but it brings that high-quality traffic to your site day after day. Because once you own top positions for relevant queries, you’re set. All you need to do is monitor your rank.

September Top Blog Roundup Fieldbloom

And this summer, one blog we saw that knows their way around SEO was home to Fieldboom. Their content gets an A+ when it comes to SEO, driving consistent organic traffic to their site.

Pagezii Insight: Blog SEO and content quality go hand in hand. If you can optimize on-page SEO elements and engage visitors, expect your search visibility to increase.

NewEra Collective – Blog Design

A beautiful blog design will make visitors come back for more. Because a finely-tuned design makes it easy for visitors to consume content. Which is the whole purpose of your blog.

September Top Blog Roundup NewEra

One blog we saw hitting a design home run was from NewEra Collective. Their use of white space, typography, and imagery all add up to an awesome blog UX.

Pagezii Insight: An airy look-n-feel is a good blog design target to aim for. Because your blog calls for a user’s attention. So make it easy to digest concepts by minimizing distraction.

Top Blog Roundup – September Edition

That wraps up this month’s edition of Pagezii’s Top Blog Roundup. Check back next month to see if your blog made the list.