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Must-Read Blog Posts in March

Each month our fellow marketers craft amazing content. They share knowledge and impart wisdom to better our industry.

And from all the amazing posts, we wanted to highlight our favorites from the past month.

Give these blogs on marketing, sales, and technology a visit and bookmark for later (Because they’re that awesome.)

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)? – Justin McGill

If you’re looking for the all-encompassing run-down on MQL’s, Justin has you covered. His post walks through an MQL definition, who is responsible for MQLs, how to generate MQLs and more.

LeadFuze Blog What Is MQL Justin McGill

The post also features an awesome MQL funnel image. If you’re a business-driven marketer, Justin’s MQL post is right up your ally.

A Clear Road Forward to Customer Prosperity (Series) – Tracy Oppenheimer

In her Customer Prosperity series, Tracy simplifies a complex subject in customer success. She uses a metaphor we can all relate to – traffic jams – to tell us when customer are moving forward and when they’re at a standstill.

Helpshift Customer Prosperity Tracy Oppenheimer

Tracy raises great points that all SaaS companies have to deal with. Not only does she mention common customer prosperity issues, but she provides simple solutions for each. A great metaphor and even better read.

5 Ways to Use Live-Streaming Video for Business – Whisbi Team

We all love watching video. And this post from Whisbi helps us apply a business perspective to one of our favorite past times.

Whisbi 5 Ways To Use Video Whisbi Team

What we liked about the post is that it gives concrete uses for live video. It also shares a few unconventional ideas that we wouldn’t have thought of. A perfect combination for a blog. Thanks for the great tips Whisbi.

7 of the Best Email Subject Lines We’ve Seen – Michael Pici

Great blogs give you techniques you can put to use. That’s exactly what Michael gives us in his Best Email Subject Lines post.

HubSpot 7 Best Email Subject Lines Michael Pici

His blog provides great subject line examples and awesome commentary to boot. It also shows a few of the subject lines in action.

If you’re looking to spice up your email outreach, give this post a read (and bookmark).

Big ‘Game Changing’ Strategies We Can Learn from Super Bowl LI – Sara Purdon

If you’re tuned into the sports world at all, you know one of the shocking Super Bowl’s in history just went down. Sara’s post on Game Changing Strategies uses this timely event to touch on managing network performance.

Martello Technologies Super Bowl Game Changing Strategies

What we like loved about this post was the concept. Sara uses a popular event and ties it back to her business in a meaningful way.

And this is what great content marketers are able to do. Thanks for the awesome read Sara.

Must-Read Blog Posts in March

That does it for this months must-read blog posts. Thanks to the featured authors for the amazing content. Make sure you give these posts a read and check back in April to see if your post made the list!