Must-Read Digital Marketing Blog Posts – June

Must Read Digital Marketing Blog Posts June Pagezii Digital Marketing

Must-Read Blog Posts - June

As a marketer, you need to stay up on industry trends. And every month, our fellow marketer’s share their insights through unique content.

So to help you keep your tools sharp, we’re sharing must-read digital marketing blog posts for June. These posts focus on SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. Make sure to give them a read and don’t forget to share. Let’s dive in.

3 Ways a Contest Can Give Your SEO a Boost – Alicia Doiron

Are you looking for a brilliant way to boost SEO?

Running a social media contest not only gets your market familiar with your product, but it can also bump up your rankings in search engines.

Must read Digital Marketing blog posts June SEO blog post
In her post, Alicia discusses a few social ranking factors that boost SEO. She then ties that into how social media contests are a means for hitting home on these ranking factors.

This is post is a must-read for startups looking to crack jump search ranks.

How To Get More Twitter Followers: 24 Effective Tips – Adam Connell

If you’re a marketer, growing your Twitter followers is always welcome. But how do you do it?

There are techniques, and Adam from blogging wizard shares the goods.

Must Read Digital Marketing Blog Posts June Social Media Post

In the post, Adam shares useful techniques for optimizing your Twitter bio, using the right headline image, and crafting engaging tweets. If you’re in need of a Twitter profile revamp, this is your must-read for June.

Content Marketing is Visual Marketing – Eric Wendt

Content marketing houses a ton of different techniques. blogging, video, social media, podcasting… It’s a catch-all for creating value.

And because content marketing is wide, it’s constantly evolving. And you need to stay up to date.

Must Read Digital Marketing Blog Posts June Content Marketing Post

So to help you keep up with trends, Eric from Brafton shares shifts in the industry and where to look in the future.

His post is full of interesting stats on the state of content marketing. Make sure you and your team are on top of your content efforts with this post.

Call to Action Button Examples Every UI/UX Designer Should Look For in 2017 – Digamber Singh

A call-to-action is critical for getting users to take the next step. And after all, that’s the goal of any site. Engagement.

But what’s the recipe behind a compelling CTA? And what do great CTAs look like in action?

Must Read Digital Marketing Blog Posts June UX User Experience Post

To guide you to awesome CTAs, Digamber from FreebiesMall shares his insights. The post first walks you through the different types of CTAs. Then it shows you examples from heavy hitters Netflix, Instagram and Evernote.

Make sure your visitors are taking action with this must-read June post.

The Mobile-First Mindset: Mobile’s Function in the B2B Industry – Alyssa Dannaker

Businesses need to start thinking mobile first. More and more visitors are visiting your content on heir mobile device. So as a business, you have to provide a great experience.

Must Read Digital Marketing Blog Posts June Design Mobile Post

Alyssa from Sagefrog knows the importance of mobile-friendly content. She raises great points for B2B business on why they should focus on creating mobile content.

Her post focuses on a mobile-first mentality from content marketing, social media, and product pages. A lot of B2B businesses haven’t jumped on board with this trend. So if you’re in this boat, Alyssa’s post is a must-read this month.

7 Tips for Visual Storytelling on a Tight Deadline – Kristin Twiford

Demand for video is growing. Because prospects and customers are can’t get enough visual content. And this means tighter deadlines for your content marketing team. So how do you keep up?

Must Read Blog Posts June Libris Blog 7 Tips Storytelling

Lucky for you, the Libris team has a few solutions. In their post, they feature seven tips for producing video content from top names in pro sports communications.

If you’re in video marketing, there’s a ton of nuggets here for you. Make sure to check out this must-read post in June.

Must-Read Blog Posts in June

That does it for our list of must-read blog posts in June. Thanks to our fellow marketers for sharing their knowledge and insights. Make sure to check back next month for more digital marketing gems like these.