Must-Read Digital Marketing News – August Edition

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Must-Read Digital Marketing News

We’re in the midst of summer. Which means it’s the perfect time to relax and catch up on the latest in digital marketing. And to help you navigate the mountains of content, we’ve curated must-read articles in the industry. 

Let’s dive in.

SEO Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News SEO News

Google Algorithm Update may be Rolling Out Since June 25 | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land

  • Noticing changes in your Google organic search traffic or rankings lately? There may have been a serious Google algorithm update. Read up more from SEL’s News Editor himself.

Why No Brand is Too Big for SEO | Josh McCoy via Search Engine Journal

  • SEO isn’t just for up and comers looking to increase organic traffic to their site. It’s also essential to big brand digital marketing efforts. Josh McCoy shares why.

Google Beta Testing Brand-New Google Search Console DesignBarry Schwartz via Search Engine Land

  • Ready for an updated look? Because SC is ramping up for a new UI. Barry Schwartz shares screen shots here.

Content Marketing Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing Content Marketing News

NewsCred Unveils The Content Marketing Maturity Index (CMMI) | Kate Gundry via Business Wire

  • NewsCred announced the launch of The Content Marketing Maturity Index (CMMI). It aims to help brands assess their content marketing programs and improve strategy.

Hyper-Specific Content Marketing | Stephen Boswell, Kevin Nichols via Wealth Management 

  • How hyper specific content topics are a fast track for growth. Wealth Management writers make a case for tailoring content to tight niches.

The 4 Essential Stages to a Successful Content Marketing Campaign in 2017 | Lilach Bullock via MarTech Advisor

  • Content marketing campaigns need a strategy to achieve best possible results. In this piece, you’ll learn a four-step process for executing high-performance campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing Social Media News

The 4 Basic Types of Social Media Marketers: Which One Are You? | Brian Sutter via Business 2 Community

  • The four basic types of social media marketers and how they differ in strategy, experience and outreach. Which Social Media Marketer are you?

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017 | Jinger Jarret via Blasting News

  • Businesses see a greater chance for growth when using data gathered from social media. Here’s quick run-down on using social media for biz-dev and which channels marketers should focus on.

7-Point Smart Solopreneuer Social Media Checklist | Nathan Chan via Entrepreneur

  • 90 percent of businesses say social media is crucial to their marketing. But are you doing it right? Use this 7-point checklist to make sure your bases are covered.

UX (User Experience) Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii UX News

The Important of User Experience for SEO | Sheila Kloefkorn via Phoenix Business Journal

  • SEO and UX both play a role in improving organic ranks. Learn why that is and how you can improve UX to increase search visibility.

Facebook’s Latest Feature Highlights the Importance of User Experience and Website Speed | Lesya Liu via Entrepreneur

  • Facebook is rolling out a new feature to position itself as a one-stop shop for all your digital needs. The new feature will allow users to find free Wi-Fi spots in their proximity.

For Some Publishers, User Experience Trumps Revenue | Sarah Sluis via AdExchanger

  • Learn how online publishers can find a balance between advertising on their site while delivering a great user experience.

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Roundup – August Edition

The digital marketing world is changing faster and faster. So make sure you’re in the know with these curated reads.

And tune back next month for more digital marketing news to kick off Q3.