Must-Read Digital Marketing News in November


Must-Read Digital Marketing News for November

Are you keeping up with the latest in digital marketing? If not, don’t worry. Because at Pagezii, we are. And we’ve got you covered for November. 

Keep reading for must-read news in SEO, Content Marketing, UX and Social Media.

SEO Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing SEO News

Submit your SEO questions to Google for upcoming short Q&A videos | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land

  • Google is reintroducing its short-form SEO answer videos. It’s been 3 long years since Google produced these short videos, so don’t miss out.

Black Hat SEO Not Dead Yet Says Poll | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Roundtable

  • Is black hat SEO dying? Search Engine Roundtable ran a poll over the summer and it seems like black hat SEO still lingers…

Google Swears It Didn’t Nerf Giphy In Search After Exec Bragged ‘We Own Happy Birthday Now’ | Rhett Jones via Gizmodo Australia

  • Gighy bragged how it owns “happy birthday” in Google search. And then it got hit and lost big time in search rankings. But was this act of showmanship the reason?

Content Marketing Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing Content Marketing News

How To Prove Your Content Marketing Success To Your Boss | Joe Escobedo via Forbes

  • You know content marketing works. But does upper management? Here’s how to show them.

5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2017 | Armando Roggio via Practical Ecommerce

  • Don’t miss these range of topics to capitalize on this November.

Artificial Intelligence Makes For Savvy Content Marketers | Abbi Whitaker via Forbes

  • If you follow content marketing, you know AI is on the horizon. Here’s how it can help you in your craft.

User Experience Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii UX News

Top 10 User Experience (UX) Design Misconceptions | Alex Kreger via the Financial Brand

  • Learn from these financial brands’ mistakes when it comes to UX.

Dead-End UX: The Big Problem That Facebook, Twitter, And Others Need To Solve | Cliff Kuang via Co.Design

  • How personalization is hurting UX for social media giants.

Top Design Firms Releases October 2017’s Best Web Design Firms | Todd Daley via Digital Journal

  • Find out which design firms made the top ten list.

Social Media Must-Read News

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing Social Media News

10 Secrets to Going Viral on Social Media | Deep Patel via Entrepreneur

  • Tap into the true power of social media with these 10 secrets.

Social media monitor Brandwatch acquires content marketing platform BuzzSumo | Mike Butcher via TechCrunch

  • A major acquisition in the digital marketing world. Learn how it went down.

In the Future of Social Media, Will Every Platform Look the Same? | Jonathan Crowl

  • Social media platforms are constantly taking from each other. Will the future of Social be a big blur?

Must-Read Digital Marketing News for November

We saw some big stories break recently, and Pagezii has you covered when it comes to the latest in Digital Marketing.

Don’t miss out on these must-read news pieces for November.