Must-Read Digital Marketing News – September Edition

Must-Read Digital Marketing News September Pagezii Digital Marketing

Must-Read Digital Marketing News

September is here and students across the world are heading back to school (albeit begrudgingly).

But in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, school is always in session. And we’ve curated a new list of must-read articles to make sure you’re back up to speed with industry news.

SEO Must Read News:

SEO Techniques For Businesses Working with Limited Budgets | Guy Sheetrit via Forbes

Don’t work hard, work smart. This adage rings true in Guy Sheetrit’s recommendations on how to use online tools to maximize your SEO effectiveness. All without breaking the bank.

27 Local SEO Tips Your Lazy Competitors Are Neglecting | John Lincoln via Inc.

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing SEO News

As local business growth explodes across the globe, it’s inevitable – your industry is getting more saturated. Co-founder and CEO of Ignite Visibility, John Lincoln, shares 27 SEO tips to make your business the first one prospects see in search engines.

SEO Is More Than A Numbers Game. The Real Goal Is Engagement | Dan Blacharski via Entrepreneur

The ultimate goal of a strong SEO strategy shouldn’t just be about piquing search engines. It should also be about converting prospects to become qualified leads. This is the real secret behind growing your business. Dan Blacharski shares why engagement is the key to a winning strategy.

Content Marketing Must Read News:

Five Ways To Engage Millennials Through Your Content Marketing | Chelsea Krost via Forbes

As a millennial, I sometimes find it difficult to understand how some businesses view my generation as enigmatic consumers. That being said, after reading Chelsea’s tips on how to use content marketing to engage my generation of peers, I can see how traditional marketing efforts can fall flat. I recommend anyone looking to improve their millennial engagement to consider her suggestions.

7 Things to Do Before You Start a Content Marketing Campaign | Amanda Clark via Business2Community

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing Content Marketing News

If your company is about to launch its own content marketing campaign, Amanda Clark’s list of 7 must-dos will help set you up for success.

The Unexpected In-House Benefits of Content Marketing | Michael Feely via The Drum

If you’re reading this, you likely already recognize the benefits effective content marketing has on your audience, social influence, and promotion of your business in general. But have you ever considered the in-house benefits of your content? Read Michael Feely’s insights on how content marketing has an effect not only on those on the outside looking in, but also on those who make your business everything that it is.

Social Media Marketing Must Read News

Crisis Management in Social Media and Content Marketing | Patti Pondar via Business2Community

Try as we might, unfortunately, we are not perfect all the time. And the difference between a gaffe blowing up in your face and it becoming benign comes down to your contingency plan. Read Patti’s tips to make sure you handle things right when things go wrong.

The Next 6 Things You Must Do to Win Customers Through Social Media | Jeff Charles via Small Business Trends

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii Digital Marketing Social Media News

Social media is everywhere. So much so that it can be overwhelming for a marketer to know where and how to start using social media to effectively market a business. But don’t sweat – Jeff Charles’ to-dos will help you design a social media strategy that works.

5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid | Tommy Wyher via Small Media & SEO

Tommy Wyher presents us with a quick checklist of what not to do when using social media for marketing.

UX (User Experience) Must Read News

Can AI Solve Your UX Design Problems? | Mukund Krishna via sitepoint

People generally warn of the dangers of advanced AI, often citing characters like Terminator’s T-1000 or 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL-9000 as what’s to come. But according to Mukund Krishna, the reality may, in fact, align with more helpful examples, such as Iron Man’s Jarvis or The Jetsons maid, Rosie, in helping us understand what we, as humans, actually prefer in a user experience.

The 8 Questions You Should Ask for Small Business User Experience Success | Itai Elizur via Small Business Trends

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Pagezii UX News

This list of questions to ask yourself is a must-read for any business owner who values high web traffic, low bounce rates, and delivering a positive user experience to prospects (AKA all marketers).

How Apps Can Use Data To Enhance The User Experience | Mark Loranger via Forbes

How can your app tap into user data to deliver a tailored user experience? Read Mark’s insights to find out.

Must-Read Digital Marketing News Roundup | September Edition

Keeping on top of the world of digital marketing is a constant process. We hope you are now a little more informed and we will be back next month with a new batch of curated digital marketing news.