MVP Launch – Marketing Experts Weigh In


You’ve been working on your MVP and now its time to take it to the next level – the product launch stage.

To help you hit a home run, we’ve gathered tips and strategies from the experts. They’ll show you how to get started, keep the momentum going, and track your success.

Go to Customers and Investors Early


Timing is key to any successful product. And there’s no better time to get things off the ground than now. As a successful entrepreneur, Jussi Kajala knows the importance of time-to-market.

Go to the customers early. If you’re not embarrassed to show your MVP, it’s already too late. Also start contacting investors early, closing takes time.

Growth Hacking with a Quality Product

When you have a great product, people notice value. This is Antoine Minoux’s formula for growth hacking.

No matter how much exit-intent popups, email courses, drip campaigns or free t-shirts you giveaway, your customers will judge you on the quality of your product. If it’s good, chances are they will tell their friends and colleagues about it. That’s the best growth hacking strategy I’d recommend.

Build a great Team

Pro Interviews Caritta Seppa

You need the right mix of people to succeed. For Caritta Seppä, building a strong team isn’t based on skills alone – it’s also about synergy.

You have to choose the right team to work with. No matter how good your idea is, without the right team, even the best ideas won’t get off the ground. So when you choose your team members, remember that skill can be taught but chemistry and the right mentality cannot.

Develop a Strategy

beth carter pagezii pro-interview

Don’t jump into the game blind. You need a strategy. This is how Beth Carter kicks off marketing strategies for her clients.

We help our clients get more out of the resources they have by filling those gaps and making sure that everything in their lead generation strategy flows smoothly from one step to the next, without missing a beat.

Wear the PR Hat

lauren wasley pro interview pagzii

Don’t forget to leverage PR to your advantage. These days, this means using social media wisely.  Listen to Lauren Wasley on how to promote.

Social media has become a key driver for engagement and visibility in PR. Social channels provide a visual platform that encourage and embrace interaction and engagement, which is becoming increasingly important for brands that had previously been heavily focused on impressions.

Sell the Social way

Pagezii-Kelli Lampkin for Pro-Interviews

Not only is social media a platform for visibility, it’s also a great tool for selling your product. Just ask social selling expert Kelli Lampkin on how to build sales contacts.

Social selling today comes down to 3 factors: Messaging, Frequency, and Channel. It’s about designing the right messaging at the right frequency and through the right channels – keep in mind, that for every business these variables will be different. Social selling is about putting yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer and connecting with them in a meaningful way on the right forum.

Market with Contentlisa-sigler-experts-weigh-in

Content marketing and social media keep your audiences happy and get your product in front of new visitors. Lisa Sigler explains how to use these techniques in harmony.

If the two teams work together, then social media becomes a great vehicle for distribution and promotion of great content. And the content team can learn to write for the social media team to provide really catchy, shareable social content.

Don’t leave out VideoPagezii Pro Interview Brendan McCrann

Blogs, white papers, and infographics are key to content marketing, but also use video to supplement your strategy. Brendan McCrann shows how video has become a core marketing asset.

It’s an exciting time to be in the space because clients are looking at video as a core asset, rather than an “extra budget” piece. We can now attach a dollar figure to our creative video campaigns using our digital tool belt.

Measure your Success

Kayla Kozan Pro-Interview- Pagezii

Marketing KPIs are the only way to tell if your strategy is working. But KPIs vary depending on your goals. Kayla Kozan sheds light on KPIs for B2B companies to focus on.

The top three things I’m looking for are the number of organic leads, our cost-per-lead, and lead source. Organic leads are an indicator of the success of our content marketing and organic marketing campaigns. Cost-per-lead is the other metric we keep a close eye on. We’re always trying out different paid and unpaid marketing tactics to decrease CPL. Finally, lead source, we never miss an opportunity to ask our prospects how they found us.

Keep a winning Attitude

Product launches rarely go exactly as planned. So keeping a positive attitude is a must for success. Listen to Björn Mattsson share some good CEO advice.

I find that it’s your choice to be good enough or to be the best. Definitely, it’s much more demanding to choose the latter option, but it’s so much more fun and rewarding. Just go for it, trust your employees and yourself. Winning is an attitude, free of charge.

MVP – from Start to Finish

Now you have the knowledge to launch your game-changing MVP from start to finish. Make sure your product launch is a success with these techniques.