New Blog Ideas – 3 Steps for Sustainable Idea Generation

New Blog Ideas Pagezii Blog

New blog ideas are hard to come by.

It’s tough finding new topics to spark your readers’ attention when the well runs dry.

So what do you do? Google “new ________ blog ideas”? A solution, but not a sustainable one. That may have been how you found this blog…

…But this blog’s different. I’m not going to give you new blog ideas. I’m going to show you how to come up with new blog ideas on your own – no matter what.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

I’m going to teach you how to fish.

The Trick to Finding New Blog Ideas

Like I said before, typing “new ________ blog ideas” into Google isn’t sustainable.

The results you’ll get will tell you to make a post full of GIFs or sing a song. But this won’t do for your company blog. You want air-tight content to rivet your readers.

So here’s the trick to finding new blog ideas consistently.

Use tools to your advantage.

Easy, right? A lot of people could have guessed “tools”. But the trick is to use the right tools.

You also need to use these tools in a process. That’s how you’re going to generate top-notch blog ideas consistently.

Let’s take a look at some of these tools and how they work.

Pagezii Blog Pulse Report

The Blog Pulse report not only analyzes your entire blog, but it can spark new ideas for you to write about.

Have a look at your industry’s trending keyword analysis data. Here’s an example for the HR software industry.

New Blog Ideas Pagezii Blog Pulse Report Example

Trending Blog Keywords are popular keywords used in your blog. Compare your blog’s keywords to Trending Industry Keywords.

A quick scan shows Trending Industry keywords we haven’t used yet.

“Performance” stood out to me from the list. The blue highlight also tells us “Performance” is a hot keyword in the industry.

Using the Blog Pulse Report we’ve honed in on a keyword we can work with, now it’s time to develop our topic.

Google Trends

Kick-off your topic development using Google Trends.

Sticking with the keyword “Performance” we found using the Blog Pulse report, enter this into the Google Trends explore page.

New Blog Ideas Google Trends Example

Pagezii Tip: Don’t forget to qualify your keyword when using Google Trends. Simply exploring “Performance” in Google trends will give you poor results. In our example, we’re focusing on the HR industry, so qualify “Performance” with “HR”

This is good. The topic “HR Performance” has interest over time.

Now it’s time to take your idea development to pro levels.

Check out the Related Queries data for “HR Performance”. This data shows users searching for “HR Performance” also searched for XYZ queries.

Sift through the related queries and pinpoint topics that make sense for your blog. Here are a few I found:

New Blog Ideas Google Trends Related Queries

Look at those detailed topics we found! Three new blog ideas we can use.

You’ll also see search interest increase over time to the right of each query. The higher the better.

We’ve developed a few new blog ideas. Now it’s time to choose a topic.

Keyword Planner

We can choose one of the topics found through Google Trends analysis. Or we can take our blog idea development to the next level and see which topics present the best opportunities.

Toss your list of topics into the Google Keyword planner.

New Blog Ideas Google Keyword Planner Keyword Search Volumes

Whoa! Three topics users search for often.

You now have a better idea of search interest by the numbers.

Pro Tip: I would choose “Performance Management Definition” as my topic. In Google Trends we saw this topic breaking out over the other two topics. It also has the lowest search volume. When we combine low search volume with breakout topic interest, we have an opportunity to own this search query before other blogs.

Keep in mind the topic you decide to write about is just a topic. It’s a starting point for your blog. You can take any one of these three blog ideas and rework them any way you want. The idea is you have a starting point.

Sustainable Blog Idea Generation

There you have it. You know how to fish.

Gone are the days when you had to type “new ________ blog ideas” into Google. You now have a sustainable process for generating new blog ideas.

Do you have other processes you use to come up with new blog ideas? Let us know in the comments below!