5 Ways To Optimize Landing Page Conversion Rates Fast


Optimize Landing Page Conversion Rates

Landing pages are the keystone to your demand generation programs. And because your demand-gen program relies on this content format, conversion rate optimization is a must.


In this post, we’ll discuss how to optimize landing page conversion rates with help from demand-gen experts.

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Now, let’s hear from the experts.

1. Optimizing Meta Elements

Make sure you are utilizing your 50-60 character page title allowance and optimize your description text so that it fills and fits the max of 140 characters. Getting cut off mid-sentence with a (…) is not enticing, despite what you might think.

Optimizing these tags is a bit of an art form in the SEO world, but it’s mostly common sense. Yes, there is fierce competition in the organic search results but provided your text is compelling, unique, and reflective of your content then you should attract the right clicks while keeping your bounce rate low.

– Hilary McGuckin, Marketing Specialist, Etain

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2. Simplify Your Call-to-Action

De-clutter call to actions. Landing pages tend to get bloated with multiple CTAs.

Between social sharing, email signups, lead submissions, and product purchases, landing pages often ask a lot out of users, sometimes even without knowing they’re doing it.

Instead, gain hyper-focus on your key landing pages by reducing to just one primary call-to-action.

– Raj Shah, SEO Lead, TakeLessons.com

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3. Share Customer Testimonials

Landing pages with customer quotes are proven to outperform those without third-party endorsement. But landing pages with a customer quote and a headshot outperform them both.

– David Klien, Director of Marketing, ClickTime

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4. Engage Visitors With Video

Use video to describe your product or service – According to Hubspot, embedding videos to a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Videos offer an easy way for potential customers to learn about your company and what you provide.

90% of consumers claim that video helps drive their purchasing decisions.

This uptick in a preference for video content is mainly driven by the rise of smartphones. If people can take videos easily, and watch videos everywhere, your landing page ought to include this form of content.

– Sam Olmsted, Search/Content Director, Online Optimism

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5. Declutter Landing Pages

When visitors hit your landing page, It takes only a few seconds for them to develop a first impression.

Because of this, it’s important to have a landing page that’s engaging yet simple right from the start.

One practice that’s increased our conversions is using a simple and minimalist landing page layout and design. So when potential customers see our landing page, they know what to do. Which is either call or fill out a form.

We don’t include anything that strays them away from signing the form or calling our company. This means that we don’t include links to other pages on the website. There are no other distractions in our landing page. As a result, not only has our company’s conversions increased, but client conversions rates have increased as well.

– Ajay Prasad, Founder, GMR

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Optimize Landing Page Conversion Rates Today

You now have 5 techniques to optimize landing page conversion rates. And the best way to implement these techniques is to build them directly into your template.

But first, you need to check which landing pages need optimization. So use Pagezii’s UX Analysis Report and get a bird’s-eye view of all your demand-gen landing pages.

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