End of August brings the camping spirit out in all of us. As you curl up with your tablet by the campfire, have a look at some of the blogs that stood out for us.

Pythian – Fresh Content

With fresh content published on an almost daily basis, the Pythian Blog ensures their subscribers always have something new to read.


The Pythian Blog 

High blog frequency generates more visitor traffic to your blog. Regular fresh content gives your blog the opportunity to reach new readers through search engines, social networks and other sites linking to your blog. It also keeps your existing subscribers coming back to your site more often.

Tip: Post fresh content as often as possible and keep your visitors (new and existing) wanting more.

Resolver – Author Diversity

Author diversity means content is contributed from a range of writers. Each writer in a diverse content team brings a unique perspective to the table. (If you want to learn more about how Author Diversity can take your blog to the next level, check out this post.)

Using a variety of authors with different expertise is no secret to the Resolver blog.


The Resolver Blog

Resolver uses a number of experts to contribute content to their blog. This gives Resolver an edge when speaking to niche reader segments.

Tip: If you want to be sure your readers have content that resonates with them, widen the breadth of your content team.

The Social Selling Blog – Social Butterfly

The Social Selling blog home to Sales for Life generated some of the highest levels of social engagement we’ve seen in August.

Their targeted social platform approach shows that they know which channels generate the most value for their blog.


The Social Selling Blog

Tip: It’s important to promote content on social channels that make sense for their business. You want to focus your social promotion to platforms that resonate well with your audience. The result will be more qualified visitors hitting your site.

Peak Sales Recruiting – Well-Aligned Content

Showing that you’re up on your industry trends tells your readers you’re a forward-thinking leader.

Boasting a high trend focus score showed us that Peak Sales Recruiting knew the ins and outs of their industry.


The Peak Sales Blog

Peak Sales Recruiting showcases their industry knowledge by providing insight on trending topics. They also use their blog to establish their unique brand and culture. A winning strategy for thought-leadership.

Tip: Your blog should discuss topics that are relevant to your industry. It can also be used to showcase your company culture. A winning strategy uses both techniques. 

ProductPlan – Search-Friendly Blogging

Making your content search engine friendly is a great way to bring organic traffic your blog. Well-optimized posts have a better chance of ranking high in search engines. This means more qualified visitors hitting your site.


The ProductPlan Blog

When it comes to optimizing posts for search engines, ProductPlan does it right. With the right keywords embedded on their blog posts, dev teams searching for expert advice will surely stumble upon the ProductPlan Blog.

Tip: Optimizing content for search engines = more organic traffic. Visitors that come to your site through search engines are valuable because they are actively seeking content that your blog is focused on. 

Honorable Mentions

There are a number of other blogs that are impressive in their own right because of creativity, content and promotional style. These blogs include SCALR, ThinkWrap and Nasuni. If you get a chance, visit these blogs to see how they take blogging to the next level.


The SCALR, ThinkWrap & Nasuni Blogs 

The Monthly August Round-Up

This wraps up the Pagezii Monthly Blog Round-Up for August. Stay tuned to see if your blog makes our next list of top performers for September!