Caritta Seppä – Tespack

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We recently had a chance to speak with Caritta Seppä for our Pro Interviews series. In her Pro Interview, she discusses emerging technologies and shares important advice for entrepreneurs.

Pagezii — Caritta, please tell us a bit about yourself.


Caritta — I’m passionate about renewables and technology, especially when it comes to hardware. I’m the COO and co-founder of Tespack, an energy technology company. I oversee operations, finance, and investor relations as well handling import/export.

I’m also a Track Leader for the Women in Tech event held during the Valencia Startup Week. I was awarded the Top 30 Female Founders at the Start Tel Aviv 2016 competition and was asked to be a main speaker at the European Women in Tech conference 2016.

Lastly, I love to travel and learn about different cultures. This has led me to live and work in wonderful cities like London, Amsterdam, Belgrade, and Valencia.

Pagezii — What does Tespack provide?

Caritta — We provide a complete mobile energy experience by combining technology and renewables. As technology moves more towards mobile, we believe that energy needs to go mobile as well.

Tespack got it’s start creating Solar Smartpacks. This technology creates on-the-go energy to power all of your mobile devices. Later this year, we’ll be implementing IoT and ultra-fast charging technology. It’ll show how much energy you’ve created and consumed while being able to charge an energy bank full in minutes rather than in hours.

Pagezii —What sets Tespack apart?

What makes us so unique is our team

Caritta — What makes us so unique is our team. Our CEO and founder Mario Aguilera has years of experience in the military and renewable energy sector while our CTO, Matti Naskali, is the ex-leading engineer for Nokia (he actually developed the first banana phone for Nokia).

Not to mention our Chief of Sales and co-founder, Sami Pfaler, who can sell sand in the Sahara and was the leading force behind the largest sales deals for Tespack. Combined with our fellow co-founder and Biz-Dev Director, Yesika Robles, has been invaluable in developing our largest partnerships. Honestly, we wouldn’t have been so successful without our strong team.

Pagezii — And what campaigns have you recently launched?

Caritta — One of the biggest partnerships and marketing campaigns we’ve launched was with the Austrian Space Forum. We began collaborating this past summer to develop the first Solar Smartpack for a Mars mission.

The partnership was covered in ZDNet, and has brought in new clients from retailers to B2B partners. ASF’s reputation and Tespack’s Solar Smartpack technology for Mars has made this partnership (and marketing campaign) so successful.


Pagezii — As a startup founder, is there any advice you can share with others?

Caritta — Self-doubt is an enemy to any entrepreneur. You need to believe in yourself. Failures are inevitable and are an important part of building a startup. Failing is scary, but it’s also a learning opportunity. I don’t regret any failures or mistakes I’ve made in the past because they’ve made me who I am today.

You need to believe in yourself.

You also have to choose the right team to work with. No matter how good your idea is, without the right team, even the best ideas won’t get off the ground. So when you choose your team members, remember that skill can be taught but chemistry and the right mentality cannot. Your team will become your family, so pay close attention to this.

Lastly, take “expert advice” with a grain of salt. It’s good to absorb advice from others along the way but always trust in yourself. Be a critic. In the end, it’s you who knows your company and business the best.

Pagezii— Thank you, Caritta. Your passion and advice are invaluable to our readers.