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In today’s Pro Interview, we sit down with Jane Woodley. Jane is a passionate digital strategist who runs her own marketing agency in Brisbane, Australia.

Pagezii — Jane, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Jane — I’m a content strategist with skill sets across content strategy, UX, digital marketing, writing for the web and SEO. I’ve been working in the digital space for a long time and it’s really interesting to see the changes in the industry over time and the shift towards users and user experience with content.

Pagezii — What got you started into digital marketing?

I kind of fell into digital

Jane — Many years ago I was the CEO of a major symphony orchestra, responsible for marketing a major concert series each year. This was pre-digital, and my chairman would always annoy the heck out of me by saying “you know, Jane, 80% of every marketing dollar is wasted but you never know which 80%”. When I realized how much you could measure in digital marketing it was a revelation. I wish I could tell him now that I do know which 80%!

I kind of fell into digital, though – I was working at a theater company and had just resigned, and ran into an old business contact from the orchestra days whose wife was looking for someone to head up one of the divisions of their Co-operative Multimedia Center. I got the job and have worked in this field ever since.

Pagezii — What is JaneWrites Digital?

Jane — We are a boutique agency providing content strategy, content creation, and digital marketing training to companies in Brisbane, Australia, although I have had a couple of interstate and overseas clients as well. Our philosophy is to work alongside people to help them grow their business using relevant digital strategies and technologies, plus amazing content. We’ve been around since 2009 so we’re pretty well known here.

Pagezii — How can you increase a blog’s footprint?

Jane — Definitely post regularly – as often as you can without sacrificing quality. Understand what topics and formats will engage your audience. Ask questions and encourage people to comment and share. And if they do so, respond! Answer questions and thank people for commenting. Ensure the platforms you’re sharing on are relevant for your audience. Make sure you are creating unique, quality content too – there is a fair amount of poor quality content out there and to stand out you need to say something original and say it well. Exchanging guest posts with like-minded bloggers can help to grow your audience. Optimize your blog for your chosen keywords and spend time researching and evaluating them. Visuals can really help too – for example, if you are writing a long-form post, include an engaging image and use OG tags to ensure it will render properly if shared on social. Hashtags are great for being seen by new people – do some research and find out which ones are relevant to your post and audience, and use them.

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Pagezii — What are the digital marketing trends you see taking place in 2017?

Content is the way forward.

Jane — Content is the way forward. You’re talking to a content strategist – what else am I going to say? Managing content is going to become more of an issue I think – with the shift to mobile devices and smaller screens. Content production will increase too, as more brands see the rewards of personalization and start to use marketing automation platforms which will require different types of content for different persona types. Related to this I see an increasing emphasis placed on the user with “telling and selling”. Presenting irrelevant information or offers is even less effective than it has been in the past – so more emphasis on UX and CX techniques. My favorite tools are still Trello, Evernote, Optimal Workshop, Gather Content and Google Analytics – so not much changing there at least as far as I’m concerned!

Pagezii — Thank you, Jane, for taking the time to talk to us. Your content marketing insight will prove very beneficial to our readers.