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Pro Interviews Nina Patkai UX Designer

Today’s edition of Pro Interviews features Nina Patkai. Nina is a talented designer with a passion for creating great UX.


Pagezii – Nina, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Nina – As an engineer by trade, I’ve always had the passion to create great user experiences. I’ve a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, did a year of PhD studies at Cambridge University, and last year completed an MA in media studies.

Through my career, I’ve had a chance to contribute to software solutions in the manufacturing industry, and research institutes in Finland and abroad. Recently, I’ve worked on my own startup –

Pagezii – How did you get into UX Design?

Nina –  When working as an “Applications Specialist” at a large manufacturing company, one thing that stood out was the poor usability of their in-house applications. These apps were difficult to use and especially challenging for new employees to learn.

Poor UX reduced productivity – better tools were needed to get the job done efficiently. Seeing the real need and benefit for it, sparked my interest.

Pagezii – How has UX design evolved through the years?

Nina – When I started designing in-house applications, it was really easy to do user testing, since the users worked in the same building. Back then, the terminology wasn’t so established as it’s now. I followed a “contextual design method”, which included gathering requirements, mapping user flows, shadowing users’ work, interviewing users, prototyping, and user testing.

Now at my startup, there’s a lot more remote user testing, since majority of our users are located in the US. Fortunately, there are great tools available to conduct testing remotely.

Pagezii Pro Interview UX Design Trends


Pagezii – Speaking of which, what’s in your UX toolbox?

Nina – I rely on to test remotely and Balsamiq for quick wireframing. Later in the process, I like to make interactive prototypes with HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap.

Pagezii – What are the design trends to look out for in 2017?

Wearable Tech, IoT & VR

Nina – It’s fascinating to think about the different possibilities for UX designers in the fields of wearable technology, internet of things (IOT), and virtual reality.

Another big trend I see is personalization. How to customize the user experiences for each user’s preferences by looking at their past behaviours, and geolocation.

Pagezii – And finally, can you tell us about your startup?

Nina – StayInTech is a career website primarily for women in technology. We’ve partnered with great companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Automattic and others to show their dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Our website is a great way for techies to get hired at a company that has these values. Over 40% of women leave their jobs in tech mid-career. We want to reduce that number and help companies increase diversity of their workforce.

Pagezii –  Thank you Nina for sharing your experiences. Your startup addresses an important gap in the market, we wish you success in growing the site.