Blog Pulse Report Breakdown

The Blog Pulse Report contains an overview of your blog’s performance compared against a few competitors – these competitors are easily customizable in your blog setup. The report typically analyzes 40 posts per blog, going as far back as 90 days. This report is generated every week and sent to your inbox.

Breakdown of the sections

The top part of the report contains a birds-eye view into your blog’s performance, including its average SEO Score, most frequently occurring Reader Profile as well as the Social Share footprint. Reader visitor data is captured through Google Analytics (Pagezii supports single click integration).

An author snapshot analyzes top posts from the last 90 days. The Monthly Author Report is separately generated that covers author leaderboards in detail (this feature is only available to premium Pagezii accounts.) Other useful analytics also include Share Ratio – a great indicator of how well your blog performs against other industry competitors.



Reader Profiles distribution across different social channels helps you develop content that resonates the best with your target audience.

Another section of the report analyzes keywords trending in your blog vs. the industry. A Trend Focus ratio is a good indicator of how well aligned your blog is with the industry.

You also get a snapshot of Top Authors in the industry, including authors from your blog. And finally there’s an overall SEO Score of all the industry blogs. This indicates how well their blogs are optimized for capturing organic traffic.

How is this data generated?

Pagezii uses patent-pending proprietary algorithms to analyze blog posts on your site, as well as competitor sites. This data is stored, managed and processed on a regular basis to provide a big picture view of your blog compared to your industry peers. Other reports are also generated through similar methods for Social Profiles, SEO Ranking and Adwords performance.

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