Readability Tests and Pagezii Reader Profiles

Pagezii has developed its own proprietary method for classifying blog texts into nine groups. These groups are referred to as Reader Profiles, which are a function of content complexity and reading ease.

Readability Tests and Pagezii Reader Profiles

Readability Tests

Pagezii relies on multiple reading tests to understand reading ease and content complexity. Some of these tests are inspired by the following standard tests used in academia:

Why use multiple tests?

We rely on multiple tests to overcome bias and limitations of a single test. This allows us to fairly accurately gauge a wide variety of text – from business posts to technical articles.

How to use the data

Pagezii Reader Profile classification helps develop blog posts targeting certain reader personas. You as the blogger, can tweak the content to match your audience to improve bounce rates, time-on-page, follow on actions and social shares.

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