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Sample SEO Report

This is an update on the SEO Report template blog post. Since this was first published a few months ago, we’ve had tremendous feedback from our users. You’ll see their suggestions incorporated in the updated version below.

So you’ve been tasked with creating a stellar SEO report for your Enterprise. Pagezii SEO Audit Report TemplateHow do you go around doing it? Rest assured – you’re at the right spot. We’ve created a breakdown of the main elements that should be included in the SEO Report template. Download the sample report below.

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Make your SEO Template

Then dig further into your site SEO through Google Search console to create beautiful, data-rich reports. Download a list of new backlinks as well as keywords generating traffic in CSV format. Import this into an excel SEO template to crunch your data. But don’t share these number-rich, cumbersome SEO reports with your team. Instead, cherry-pick the best data and convert into Powerpoint. Slides just adds that leReport Covervel of finesse in your work. Also remember to create a professional cover that has your name – nothing wrong with promoting yourself as the author of the solid SEO report.

What goes in an SEO Report?

Start off with an executive summary. Remember top marketing brass is busy and may not even understand SEO. You need to convey the importance of your report as quickly and easily as possible. Rely on your executive summary to do this. Use simple and business driven language, with bullet points, highlights, and charts to illustrate your key message.

SEO Audit Sample Report

Run an SEO Audit tool to generate an SEO grade for your site. The tool provides a real-life report as well as a sample SEO template to help you understand which pages need improvements. These tweaks can be as simple as fixing page titles, meta-descriptions, fixing headers, body text, and alt-img attributes. Whatever the case, site-audits highlights what has been done, and what needs to be done on your list of SEO tasks.

Competitive Research Template

Run competitive research analysis using grading tools to reveal competitor site structure, optimized keywords, content marketing and social strategies. Looking at competitor sites is a great way to understand what your industry peers are doing and perhaps give your SEO strategy some new ideas. There are many SEO templates that focus on competitive profiling – best is to create a template for yourself. Bear in mind that your template must have the following: List of key competitors, their site tag-cloud, their level of SEO score and their social footprint. This can be created using Pagezii – learn more in the knowledge base.

Keyword Generating Example

Use Google Search (formerly Google Webmaster) to gather granular organic keyword data. The wealth of information available from this interface is invaluable. The data helps you understand which keywords generate the most traffic, which keywords have the potential to be valuable and what keywords have the best rankings. Again you can find a few SEO templates for download, but its best that you create your own that list: Keyword phrase, Clicks, Impressions, Avg CTR and Avg Position over a certain time period.

Search Engine Ranking Template

And finally, perform a Search Engine Ranking Page analysis to see where your site ranks for important business keywords. It’s a good idea to break down the keywords into buckets in your template. For example, group all your brand keywords together, or group business-driving keywords, or industry jargon keywords together. Also, rank your key competitors for these keywords to see how well they perform.

SEO Tools used in Template

Most report templates have this section at the end. It lists the tools used to capture and analyze SEO data. This adds credibility to your report and provides a means for others to review your work.

Some industry standard tools include use of Google Analytics data, supplemented with Google Webmaster/Search Console data. You can use third-party tools like Moz, Yoast, etc. Also, don’t forget our own SEO tool of Pagezii.


Generate your own SEO Reports

This post should get you started on creating professional looking SEO reports. Keep in mind that your report needs to be widely accessible – so short, simple and easy to understand language is very important. Use charts and illustrations to get your point across. If you need any help with analyzing your Site footprint, have a look at our Site Grader Tool.