SEO Report Sample

SEO Report Sample

SEO Report Sample

Are you in the market for a SEO Report Sample?


We’ve created 3 different sample reports to choose from below – starting with a Executive report for top marketing brass, to a sample report for the SEO Manager and finally a tactical SEO report for the specialist.

To help you get started with your reports, download the SEO Keyword Ranking Template.

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SEO Report Sample #1

This SEO report sample is designed for upper-management by giving a clear and direct view of your site’s organic performance. So keeping the content on point, crisp and simple is key to the success of this report.


What to include in the Sample Report?

Start the report with a clear header. Then move down to Traffic sources and Traffic growth over time. This information can be retrieved from Google Analytics. If you’re using Pagezii – this is easily available through one-click integration with Google Analytics.

Report Keyword Ranks

Identify the main keywords that drive business value for your company. Then start to track them overtime. Pagezii Keyword tracking feature is very beneficial for this and is easily available via Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster).

Competitive SEO Data

Upper-management is always interested to see how you perform against direct competitors. So include SEO competitive ranking for important keywords for your site and a handful of competitors.

Top SEO Pages

Don’t forget to research which of your site pages are not only ranking well, but also generating organic traffic to the site. This is the last element included in the SEO report sample.

SEO Report Sample #2

This SEO report sample is for the SEO manager to provide a bird’s-eye view of how well site pages are optimized for On-Page SEO.


How to make this Sample Report?

Start with researching the top key pages on your site. Then run a Pagezii report analyzing the on-Page SEO optimization of those pages.

Identify Pages and Keywords

Look at Google Analytics to see what site content drives the most traffic? Or you can also look at your main sitemap to see top-level pages. Pagezii is equipped with smart-detection algorithm that helps pick the most important content and the associated keywords.

On-Page SEO Breakdown

Assign a SEO score to each page based on optimization factors including, Page Title, Page Description, Slug, Headers, Body-Text and Alt-Img attributes. This is a must in this SEO report sample.

Present Data in a meaningful manner

Keep in mind, this report is for the SEO manager, so providing a consistent and regular update is very important for long-term SEO efforts.

SEO Report Sample #3

This SEO report sample is a tactical SEO report that can be used by the specialist to perform on-page search engine optimization. This report contains details on various SEO elements of the page. Using Pagezii this report can be generated with sample SEO suggestions on how to fix the page for improved performance.


What’s in this SEO Report?

This SEO report is focused on a particular page. So start with breaking down that page into various components of Content, Keywords and On-Page SEO attributes.

Grade against a set of Keywords

Find the most important set of keywords for this page and see how well the page is optimized for them. Start by looking at the Page Title and Meta-description first for this SEO report sample.

Page Content Breakdown

Pagezii has developed a way to breakdown content based on Content-Compexlity and Ease of reading. Based on this Pagezii can recommend the best “reader profile” for the content. Make sure your content type matches the intended target audience.

SEO Suggestions

Using the Pagezii tool, you can also include suggestions and instructions for the SEO specialist to use for on-page Optimization.

Download your Digital Marketing Package

To help you get started with your reports, download the entire Digital Marketing Package that includes Templates, Sample Reports and tools in Word, PDF and PowerPoint format.

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