SEO Scoring – How To Systematically Optimize Your Site

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To improve website SEO, you can’t throw darts in the dark. You need a strategy. A plan for systematic improvement across your site.

And in this post, I’ll share a strategy to do just that.

Let’s get started.

Step One: Segmenting And SEO Scoring Your Site

The first thing to do is break down your site into segments. For example:


After segmenting your content based on directories, you can start to SEO score your site.

And you can do that using Pagezii’s SEO Analysis Report.

In this tutorial, we’re focusing on analyzing a blog.

So, go to Pagezii’s SEO Report Setup, select analyze by specific pages, and enter pages falling under that directory.

SEO Scoring Report Setup

After that, run the report. You can then view the Shareable Report, Project Pages Report, and Similar Pages Report.

SEO Scoring Reports

The first report to view is the Shareable Report.

Step Two: Using Your Shareable SEO Report To Benchmark SEO

When you click on your Shareable Report, you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of SEO for your site segment. And at the top of the report, you’ll see your overall SEO score.

SEO Scoring Benchmark

You’ll use this SEO score as a benchmark. In our example, our benchmark is set at 74%. So any content SEO scoring lower than 74% needs optimization.

Step Three: Homing In On SEO Improvement Areas

After benchmarking your SEO score, analyze your segment page by page.

You can do that using the project pages report.

SEO Scoring Reports

When you click on this report, you’ll see an SEO score breakdown of each page within your segment.

SEO Scoring Project

You can now home in on which pages fall below your benchmark.

In our example, our benchmark was an SEO score of 74%. So, I’ll highlight which SEO scores we need to improve.

SEO Scoring Project highlight

Step Four: Diving Into Individual Page SEO Score

And to help you optimize, you can dive into each underperforming page, directly from the Project Pages Report. Just click the Go Arrow on a particular page.

You’ll then see an SEO page overview:

SEO score detailed overview

And your detailed SEO score breakdown:

SEO score detailed breakdown

And you can use this analysis to see which specific area of your content need  SEO score improvement.

Step 5: Repeat

You’ll want to repeat the steps you’ve learned here today for each segment of your site. And by doing this, you’ll see your SEO score rise from the original benchmark. Which means better SEO performance.

How To Use SEO Scoring To Systematically Improve Your Site

You now know how to systematically optimize your site, all with the help of Pagezii’s SEO Analysis Report.

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