Social Media Analytics Report Template – Twitter Account Analysis


Social Media Analytics Report Template

Are you working on an awesome Twitter campaign and need to show results?

The best way is to showcase Twitter performance is with an easy-to-digest report backed with real data.

And to help you hit a home run, we’ve developed the Social Media Analytics Report Template for Twitter.

In this walk-through, we provide an easy way for you to create your report using our template approach.

And for detailed Twitter auditing, download our Twitter Audit Report Template which includes bonus tips not mentioned in this blog, and try our snapshot tools for on the spot analysis.

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What are Twitter Analytics?

Twitter provides in-depth analysis of your Twitter account at It features channel overview data, audience details, playback locations, and engagement levels.

Also be sure to check out Twitter’s support site.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics Overview

Social Media Analytics Report Template for Twitter

Begin your report with a professional looking cover page. Make sure to include a simple report title and your name. This is so people know who to refer to for more info. It also builds your visibility with your company.

Keep in mind Marketing Execs are busy. So a lengthy, complicated report will result in more confusion than clarity. To keep your report concise, use PowerPoint slides.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics report cover page

Social Media Analytics for Twitter – What to Report

We’ve decided our report format. It’s time to lay the groundwork for our report structure. Here are important metrics to include:

  • Twitter Account Overview to giving your audience a bird’s-eye view of account activity.
  • Tweet Activity for a meaningful period of time.
  • Audience Breakdown showcasing your followership.
  • Interaction and Conversation Levels to highlight community engagement.
  • Engagement Trends to benchmark interaction against competitor accounts
  • Competitor Analysis showing how your company Twitter account stacks up in the industry.

You can grab these metrics using a few different tools. Use Twitter Account Analytics data for Tweet activity and audience data.

Next, create Pagezii Twitter Analysis reports. They’ll provide you with for Account overview, interaction and engagement trends and competitor analysis data.

Twitter Account Overview – Get your Audience up to Speed

Start your Social Media Analytics Report off with an account overview. This acts as an executive summary.

You can get this data fast using Pagezii’s Twitter Analysis Report.

Pro Tip: Track your account performance over time. If your social media strategy is paying off, you can showcase positive growth.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics Twitter Account Data Overview

Tweet Activity – Your Social Promotion Efforts

Use Twitter Analytics to showcase Tweet activity performance trends. This shows how an increase in activity is generating value.

Include impressions data and engagement data like link clicks, retweets and likes.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics Tweet Activity

Audience Breakdown – Showcasing Followership

You’ve shown your tweet activity, now it’s time to show who listening.

Include an audience breakdown in your Social Media Analytics report. This data reveals a ton of information about your followership.

Not only can you highlight growth in followers, but you can show interest and gender data to reinforce your target market. It may also give top marketing brass new ideas for target marketing development.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics Audience insights breakdown data

Interaction and Conversation Levels – How you Communicate

To see interaction and conversation trends, use Pagezii’s Twitter Analysis report. This data presents engagement levels stacked up against the industry.

Depending on your market and followership, demonstrate why interaction and engagement trends are developing.

Pro tip: Put industry averages into perspective for your audience. There could be huge discrepancies in industry average data compared to your own. Demonstrate your averages are against industry leaders, up and coming competitors, etc.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics Account Interaction Levels Conversation Style Pagezii

Engagement Trends – Building Community

Build on your interaction and conversation trends with engagement performance over time. While interaction and conversation trends give a snapshot, engagement trends show growth.

This data provides deeper insight into your Twitter account. It shows if your current strategies are on the right track.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics Account Engagement Trends Pagezii Twitter Analysis

Competitor Account Analysis – Detailed Industry Breakdown

After you’ve shown your audience data,  account activity, engagement trends, a detailed competitor breakdown shows exactly how you stack up in the industry. This helps your audience benchmark the company Twitter account.

This data provides a bird’s-eye view of your competitive market. It shows detailed account metrics like influence score, tweets, and followers for competitor twitter accounts. It also shows weekly metrics for a granular account perspective.

You can get access to this data using Pagezii Twitter Analysis tools.

Social Media Analytics Report Template Twitter Analytics Detailed Competitor Breakdown

Social Media Analytics Report Template – Twitter Account Performance

If you found this walkthrough useful, then you will appreciate the several reporting templates that we’ve created for download. You can grab them from our main resources page.

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