Social Media Hotshots – Ottawa Edition


Here at Pagezii we’re big fans of using social media to promote businesses. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Ottawa HotShots – these are professionals who use social media to strategically market their organization. Follow these profiles to learn how to use online networks to spice up your marketing.

Jenna Sudds (@JennaSudds)


Jenna Sudds is the executive director of @KanataNorthBIA. You can meet her in the KNBIA events promoting local startups to tech giants. Jenna has an impressive background from winning the Top40 under Forty award as well as being the Kanata North Citizen of the year. And she uses social media beautifully to bring attention to her association. Follow @JennaSudds to stay on top of local happenings.

John Fleischauer (@bigtalljohn)

John is the talent branding magician of Ottawa. A title he’s worked hard to earn – and his awesome use of social media has helped him reach notoriety. Follow him at @bigtalljohn to get a glimpse of how he leverages social networks to propagate his ideas. You can also catch him in local tech events, including TEDx Kanata. In fact, he spoke in last year’s TEDx about resumes – very entertaining and a must-watch. John gets full points for using his personality, expertise, and a can-do attitude to make waves in the industry.

Michaela Alexis (@mickalexis)


Michaela is a social media professional. A very savvy marketer who uses the power of LinkedIn to spotlight @GradeAIT – a local IT shop that’s gaining industry clout. Her latest marketing campaign is pure genius – head over to her LinkedIn profile to see her “Mug Museum” posts. If you send her a mug, she’ll feature it to her +30K LinkedIn followers. Look at the response she’s harvested so far – @mickalexis knows how to market!

Kristina Dapaah (@kristinadapaah)


Kristina is an aspiring fashion designer with a passion for marketing. She seamlessly combines Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and her blog to give a complete digital picture of her fashion ideas. Have a look at her Instagram profile to see how a clean style can complement great content. There’re lots of Instagram tricks to learn from her. Follow her at @kristinadapaah.

Erin Hutchison (@ErinFranchize)


Erin Hutchison is an active blogger on the CIRA website, where she works as a content marketer. Her blog posts are often technical and topical in nature. She utilizes newsworthy events (such as DDoS attacks and TLDs) on her social media accounts to link content back to CIRA. Follow her to see how you can leverage similar ideas to promote your content. Connect with her at @ErinFranchize.

David Hall (@DavidHall)


David is a popular social media blogger, a marketing professor at Algonquin College and a technology contributor for a CFRA podcast. He also connects marketing students with employers through the college’s placement program. With such a solid background in social media, imagine how much you can learn from his bag of tricks – follow him at @David_Hall.

Anastasia Valentine (@AVV)

anastasia-valentine-social-media-expertAnastasia is a veteran in the marketing industry – she’s a renowned speaker, blogger, and marketeer. She runs the marketing department at local startup @Versature and heads the board of hEr VOLUTION – a non-profit helping girls in STEM. Follow her on @AVV to stay connected to her industry insights – a must read for seasoned digital marketing professionals.

Teuila Mau (@teuila_mau)

Teuila works in social media content design at @CorelSoftware where she uses social media to position Corel products. She’s also an HootSuite ambassador, advocating their brand and providing valuable user feedback. She’s active on Twitter and shares solid content related to digital marketing. You should give her a follow at @teuila_mau.

Read Teuila’s full interview on how she markets at Corel.

Kelly Rusk (@krusk)

Kelly is no stranger to social media marketing. She’s the digital director at @Banfield – one of Ottawa’s premier marketing agencies. Kelly has been actively blogging since 2007 and has a very strong social footprint on several networks. She’s also an active conference speaker – so she has lots to share. Connect with her at @krusk.

Vickie Maclean (@vickiemax)


Vickie is the social media lead at @AccentureDigi. As part of the team, she manages 17 social media channels across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Slideshare, Instagram, and Google+. With that said, you know the value of her insights in the corporate digital world. So follow her at @vickiemax.