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Increase Blog SEO Tips

Search engine optimization means to increase your web page’s organic rank in a search engine. Why should you apply this process to your blog posts? Because users are much more likely to click on a blog in top search engine positions.

This technique has the potential to bring tons of visitors to your posts. Blog SEO is all about making your content more visible to high-quality traffic. Here are a few ways to boost your blogs rank in search engines.

Write about Popular Industry Topics

Write content users are actually searching for. Do this by focusing on buzzing topics in your industry.

Analyze what industry publications, thought leaders and competitors are talking about and look for trends on what topics are gaining the most traction. If you see a lot of industry publications writing about the same topic, jump on the band wagon with your two cents.

Make Sure to Optimize Important Page Tags

Your content isn’t ranking high anywhere if you don’t optimize your code. Here are a few pieces of code any marketer can optimize for:

Title Tags: Title tags provide search engines (and users) with a short description of your blog post. Optimize by placing focus keywords at the beginning of the page title. Aim for 60 characters or less.

Description Tags: A page description is a quick summary of your page’s content – also a good place to drop your focus keyword. This will provide even more information to search engines, meaning it can better understand and rank your content. Try to keep the description short and sweet at under 140 characters.

Page Slug: A “page slug” is a unique identifier for each page, appearing at the end of your URL. This is important for search engine indexing, so customize your slug to include your focus keyword.

Get Quality Visitors to Share Your Content

After you publish a post, try to get your content in front of as many interested readers as possible. The more high-quality traffic there is reading your blog, the more likely it is your content will spread through social sharing and backlinks.

Spread posts across your network using popular social channels relevant to your industry. Make sure to #hashtag any topic keywords interested users would search for. If your post is relevant, interested users will click and hopefully share your content.

You can also use email outreach to get in touch with industry thought-leaders. Reach out to influencers in your industry, and share content they would have an interest in. This may land you a social share, or even better, a backlink to your content.

Boosting Your Blog SEO

Helping your content rank higher in search engines is a start to finish job. You have to make sure your writing about relevant topics, optimizing your code and have quality traffic coming to your blog.

Keep in mind this isn’t a one-n-done process either. As a blogger, you have to be consistent with improving your blog SEO. Use this process with every blog you write to make it easier for users to find your content.

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