This month we’ve seen great blog performances from a wide range of industries. Here is a list of the top blogs we came across and why they made the list.

Intelex – Author Diversity

A large content team is great for your corporate blog. Author diversity bring new ideas and different perspectives to your content marketing strategy.

One of the most diverse content marketing teams we’ve come across is home to the Intelex blog.

Intelex uses product marketers, community managers and guest bloggers to contribute a variety of content to their blog. With this strategy, Intelex is able to speak to different segments of readership through their content, ensuring their entire audience is reached.


The Intelex Blog

Vidyard – Social Butterfly

A major factor to blog success is social engagement. Promoting your content over social media helps you reach new audiences and builds rapport with existing followers.

This month, we saw the Vidyard Blog generate some of the highest levels of social engagement we’ve seen. This shows how strong Vidyard is as an authority within video marketing industry. With valuable content and social promotion, Vidyard has become a thought-leader that their community turns to for knowledge and advice.



The Vidyard Blog

ProntoForms – Up On Industry Trends

It’s a good idea to focus on popular industry topics when crafting your blog posts. It shows that your company is a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

This month, the ProntoForms Blog did a great job of focusing on buzzing industry topics. You’ll notice ProntoForms uses their blog to speak directly to their industry with knowledge and insights, but also has content focused on their unique brand. A winning balance of blog content. 


The ProntoForms Blog

PageCloud – Writing that Resonates

Depending on your industry, you may have a diverse audience that your blog caters too. Blogs within these industries need content teams that can write for all types of readers.

PageCloud was home to some of the most diverse content we’ve seen throughout July. As a website creator, PageCloud knows how to craft content for different audiences to a tee. The PageCloud content team is able to write blogs for florists to architects and everything in between. This is the mark of a strong content team.


The PageCloud Blog

BountyJobs – Search-Friendly Writing

Optimizing your content for search engines is a great way to bring new visitors to your blog. When your post’s are optimized, they have a better chance of ranking high in a search engine results page.

When it comes to optimizing posts for search engines, the BountyJobs Blog was on top of it. When HR teams come looking for advice on recruitment and talent acquisition, you can bet they’ll comes across a BountyJobs post. Keep up the good work!


The BountyJobs Blog

July’s Top Blogs

There you have it – the top blogs from the past month. Check back next month to see if your blog made it to the list!