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Top SEO Blogs 2017 Pagezii Marketing Blog

Top SEO Blogs for 2017

In 2017, SEO Managers need to know to stay competitive. And to help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve gathered the top SEO blogs to follow. Here are the top SEO blogs for 2017.

1) The Moz Blog

Moz has become the authority on all things SEO. Whether you’re new to the SEO game or a seasoned vet, the Moz Blog has you covered. Keep up with the Moz Wizards for trusted SEO blogs in 2017.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 Moz SEO Blog

  • Post Length: 12 Pages
  • Average Shares: 1,950
  • Top Social Platform: Twitter
  • Why Follow: Industry SEO Leader, Beginner to Advanced SEO Content, High-Level SEO Research

2) The Backlinko Blog

The Backlinko blog is unique. There isn’t a mountain of content, but the SEO blogs there are detailed and helpful. They also feature real-world case studies to show new SEO techniques in action.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 Backlinko Blog

  • Post Length: 16 Pages
  • Average Shares: 1,930
  • Top Social Platform: Facebook
  • Why Follow: Long-form Content, Detailed Case Studies, Checklist-Style Content

3) Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a one-stop shop for all your search engine needs in 2017. If you’re looking for the latest in the SEO industry, Search Engine Land is the blog for you.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 Search Engine Land

  • Post Length: 3 Pages
  • Shares Per Post: 830
  • Top Social Platform: Twitter
  • Why Follow: Search Engine Updates, How-To Guides, Expert Industry Contributors

4) HubSpot SEO Blog

The HubSpot SEO blog provides helpful content that’s easy to digest. Visit the HubSpot blog for well-written SEO content that covers a range of topics.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 HubSpot SEO

  • Post Length: 3 Pages
  • Shares Per Post: 770
  • Top Social Platform: LinkedIn
  • Why Follow: Engaging Blogs, Checklist Style-Content

5) Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is another great resource for SEO updates and news. And their community forums and SEO reviews are great for SEO Managers looking for guidance.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 Search Engine Watch

  • Post Length: 3 Pages
  • Shares Per Post: 440
  • Top Social Platform: Facebook
  • Why Follow: SEO Tool Reviews and Ratings, Industry News and Updates, Community Forums

6) Search Engine Journal

With new content published daily, Search Engine Journal is perfect for readers who can’t get enough SEO content.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 Search Engine Journal

  • Post Length: 4 Pages
  • Shares Per Post: 370
  • Top Social Platform: Twitter
  • Why Follow: High Blog Frequency, Beginner to Advanced SEO Content

7) Webmaster Central Blog

The Webmaster Central blog is the place to be for Search Console (Webmaster Tools) updates. In 2017, SEO Managers need to be on top of Google crawling and indexing. The Webmaster Central blog is a great follow for SEO Managers of all levels.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 Webmaster Central Blog

  • Post Length: 10 Pages
  • Shares Per Post: 180
  • Top Social Platform: LinkedIn
  • Why Follow: Google Search Announcements, Search Console Advice, SEO

8) Matthew Woodward Blog

The Matthew Woodward Blog provides transparent SEO tips and advice. For SEO Managers looking for straightforward advice, this is the blog for you.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 Matthew Woodward Blog

  • Post Length: 16 Pages
  • Shares Per Post: 170
  • Top Social Platform: Facebook
  • Why Follow: Step-by-Step Tutorials, Long-form Content, Case Studies

9) SEO Theory

SEO Theory covers a range of SEO topics for both SEO beginners and experts. For true SEO aficionados, SEO theory is a great blog to keep up with in 2017.

Top SEO Blogs 2017 SEO Theory Blog

  • Post Length: 7 Pages
  • Shares Per Post: 60
  • Top Social Platform: LinkedIn
  • Why Follow: Case Studies, Questions and Answers, Beginner to Advanced SEO Content

Top SEO Blogs for 2017

Keeping your SEO tools sharp means being in the know with the latest industry content. Follow these SEO blogs in 2017 to keep on top of the changing SEO landscape.