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Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing

You’re a Digital Marketer looking to take your WordPress website to the next level. And because you want to improve your marketing efforts, you need the right tools for the job.

One problem though – you have no idea where to start.

So to help you get on track, we asked our expert community to weigh in on the top WordPress Plugins for digital marketing. Keep reading to find out their favorite plugins.

Yoast SEO – Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a Digital Marketer, you know the power of SEO. So why not optimize your content on the fly? That’s why Kym Ellis uses Yoast SEO. Here’s why she loves it.

Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing Kym Ellis Yoast Plugin

The Yoast plugin is probably the most important WordPress plugin for me as a Digital Marketer. It really helps speed up the bread and butter task of optimizing each page with relevant keywords, it keeps you on top of keyword cannibalization and even gives some handy tips on readability. It’s also a simple way to set canonicals and noindexing.

W3 Total Cache – Website Speed

As a marketer, you know website speed is integral to user experience. Anything less and you can expect visitors to bounce. So to improve UX (and search engine ranking) Daniel Quintana uses W3 Total Cache. Here’s why.

Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing Daniel Quintana W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a plug-in that allows you to serve compressed and cached files to your website visitors. Website speed has a major effect on your search engine ranking yet most businesses fail to consider this when they build their websites. This simple plug-in will not only improve your website’s performance but also web traffic and conversions!

Contact Forms & Website Analytics – Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools are invaluable when tracking leads and trying to understand visitors. And Diana Koshedzhiyska knows it. That’s why she uses Contact Forms and Website Analytics. She shares her favorite features below.

Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing Diana Koshedzhiyska Conact Forms Website Analytics

The plugin I’d recommend is Contact Forms & Website Analytics – especially valuable for small businesses. It connects to every form you have on your WordPress website and collects data in one central dashboard. You can track which form was the most converting, where your leads came from and what actions they took on your website. That helps me identify a number of prospects and contact them with the right offer – based on what they read on my website and when. The most beneficial features are:

  • Identify opportunities – who is ready to be approached with an offer.
  • Deep insights on traffic sources and conversion rates so you can focus on what’s working best.
  • Easy to setup and use but it might take some time to go through all the leads manually if you’re not using it with a more advanced automation tool.

Title Experiments – Blog Optimization

Writing a great headline is central when blogging. Captivating headlines boost click-through rates and entice visitors to read your content. Just ask Tom Donohue. He uses Title Experiments to optimize his blogs.

Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing Tom Donohue Title Experiments

You can write extremely valuable blog posts. But at the end of the day, your title makes or breaks their success. A/B testing different titles for the same post is a great way to increase click through rates.

My favorite WordPress plugin for doing this is Title Experiments. It is super easy to use and free. I’ve seen an increase in blog traffic since using this tool.

Once you’ve found the winning blog title, don’t leave it at that. Keep an eye on its performance and continue to optimize.

Google XML Sitemaps – Sitemap Indexing

When it comes to the technical side of marketing, you have to be on point. But this can be time-consuming. Taking away from your actual marketing activities. That’s why Leslie Handmaker uses Google XML Sitemaps.

Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing Leslie Handmaker Google XML

This plugin automates the ever crucial XML site map generation process giving my content the best shot at indexation. It allows me to focus my time on more important projects to generate organic traffic.

OptinMonster – Subscriber List Building

You see it happen all the time. Visitors come to your blog, read your content, and leave without coming back. So how do get readers to return? Suraj Sodha shares why he uses OptinMonster to build subscriber lists.

Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing Suraj Sodha

The one plugin I cannot live without is OptinMonster which is a popup plugin used to grow your subscriber list. The plugin has loads of great templates to use which look modern and smart. This gives helps you achieve higher conversion rates. And it also integrates with all the popular email marketing platforms like Aweber as well as other popular CRM systems.

For advanced users, you can specify which pages to show the popup on and set it to show after a certain amount of time. The plugin also gives you an option to hide popups on mobile devices, which helps with Google’s crackdown on websites which are not user-friendly.

One of the best features of OptinMonster is its options for multiple types of opt-in forms and not just popups. You can have inline opt-in forms as well as ‘welcome gate’ type splash pages.

Google Analytics – Web Analytics

We all want to understand how our marketing efforts translate into website engagement. So to do this, we need access to web analytics. Enter Google Analytics WordPress Plugin. Swati Joshi tells us why she loves this plugin.

Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing Swati Joshi Google Analytics

As a digital marketer, the plugin I like most is Google Analytics. It’s free and it tells you all the essentials of traffic and conversion for your WordPress website. I install it for all projects I work on and even set up a weekly customized report to be sent to me. It’s a great tool to know how your website is doing in terms of traffic, engagement, and conversion. It also integrates with other Google tools such as AdWords so campaigns can be easily tracked.

Pagezii SEO Agency Plugin

And to wrap up this piece, we wanted to highlight our own Pagezii SEO Agency Plugin. Its designed specifically for Marketing Agencies looking to capture leads from the site.

The plugin lets visitors create full audit reports on their site – including an in-depth analysis of their site SEO, UX, Blog and social footprints. Since the PDF report is emailed to the visitor, it’s also CC’ed to the Agency’s sales team for further follow-up. Try out the tool and let us know what you think.

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Top WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing

When you use the right tools, you get the best results. And for Digital Marketers running WordPress sites, this means taking advantage of awesome WordPress Plugins.

Thank you to our expert contributors for sharing their top WordPress plugins for digital marketing. If you would add any other plugins not mentioned on the list, make sure to leave them in the comments below.