Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers

Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers

Topic Generating Tools

Wondering what to write about next? Can’t think of anything… don’t panic it happens to the best of us, sometime the well just runs dry. It will probably not surprise you to know that many blogger feel the same way. So help in the form of blog topic generating tools were created. To make life easier we have included the top 7, so keep on reading and get inspired.


Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers-Buzzsumo
The first off the bat is Buzzsumo, current favourite and new best friend. After you enter a topic or domain, the search results show the most popular published posts. It’s a good technique to view what topic are trending and identify the buzzwords in the industry.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers-HubSpot
HubSpot’s blog topic generator is a very simple, easy and provides good results. You are prompted to add in three nouns in the space provided and instantly get blog topic ideas. Like with most topic generating tools, not all results will be spot on, but mostly you do get some good ideas to work with.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers-Portent
This is a very easy tool to use, just type in your subject/keyword and you will receive suggestions. If you don’t like them just press refresh and you will prompted with other ideas. Pick and choose from the suggestions to what suits your interest.

Content Ideator

Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers- Content Ideator
Just type in your topic and look through the results for inspiration in the Content Ideator tool. There is also the option to search by domain, but you need to send in a request for demo to be able to do that.

Inbound now Blog Title Idea Generator

Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers-Inbound now
Inbound now have a ‘Blog title idea generator’ that provides blog post ideas. Add in long tailed keywords to get search results for any articles with your keyword. The results are a great source, as this will get you to start thinking of not one but many posts.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers- Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
This is a very simple tool and easy to use. Just enter a keyword and press submit and presto, you have a huge list of ideas to work through. Sometimes the list maybe a hit and miss, but it will help in keeping your mind engaged and offshot ideas that you can write about.

Build Your Own Blog’s Idea Generator

Topic Generating Tools for Bloggers-Build-your-own-blog
Build your own blog’s idea generator is a bit different then other topic generating tools. When you press on ‘Generate blog post ideas’ you are given an idea, it’s just a generic suggestion. Keep in mind that these suggestions are more a nudge and you need to work on it, to personalize it.

If you have come across any other topic generating tools that would be of interest, please mention them in the comment section below.