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Twitter Engagement Tips

When you posting a tweet, your goal is to get engagement. Replies, Retweets, and likes reflect your followers showing interest.

But did you know there are techniques to use that up your odds for sparking engagement with every tweet you post?

You bet there are.

So we asked Social Media Expert to share their Twitter engagement tips with you. Keep reading to learn their industry-tested techniques for boosting Twitter engagement.

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Discuss Relevant Topics

Twitter Engagement Tips Brent Nau Relevant Content

If you expect visitors to engage, touch on topics of interest. Brent Nau from Thrive Agency shares tips for posting relevant content.

The key to engagement on Twitter is relevancy. Doing your research ahead of time to discover what your target audience is looking for is not only worth the extra effort but imperative to content strategy effectiveness.

Content should be informative, concise and visually attractive. Including relevant visual elements with each piece of content will also play a vital role in boosting interaction and engagement rates.

Mention Experts in your Tweet

Tweet Engagement Tips Taylor Dumouchel Tags ExpertsYou’ve written content and now it’s time to promote. And if you’ve mentioned an expert in the piece, take it one step further and mention them in your tweet. Taylor Dumouchel from Peak Sales Recruiting goes into detail.

At Peak Sales, I share a lot of articles from our blog. One tip to increase Twitter engagement is to tag the experts or research companies that are cited in the blog.

For example, I may say Sales Expert @JohnDoe discusses his essential tip on how to increase conversion rates. Tagging someone and crediting them for their work will increase your chances of getting a retweet from them AND their followers.

Focus on Timing

Tweet Engagement Tips Seth Gilgus Trending TopicsWhether you’re tweeting the latest trend or sending out your standard post, timing matters. Just ask Seth Gilgus from Online Optimism. He shares his Twitter engagement tips on timing.

Twitter engagement is about timing. If your company wants to be a relevant voice surrounding an event, development, or breaking news, it’s important your brand puts its voice on Twitter as soon as possible before the subject becomes overly saturated with thousands of other perspectives.

Timing is also important in day-to-day Twitter posting. Analyzing and posting during the most popular times your followers are on Twitter improves the chances that your tweets will be seen, liked, and retweeted.

Use GIFs and Emojis

Tweet Engagement Tips Using GIFs and Emojis

If you want to boost engagement, you have to show you’re staying relevant. Maree Jones from Luckie & Co. shares her tip.

Don’t be afraid to use GIFs or emojis in your Tweets. Not only does it make you look relevant, but it also leads to higher engagement rates on your tweets.

Use High-Quality Images

Tweet Engagement Tips Adnan Raja Use High-Quality Images

Nothing helps your tweet pop on newsfeeds then an appealing image. Adnan Raja from Atlantic shares techniques when it comes to images.

My best tip for increasing Twitter engagement is to include high-quality images in your posts.

When you include a large image with a brief summary of text your post becomes more visually appealing and will stand out in your audiences Twitter feeds. You can use anything from screenshots and pictures to infographics and charts. Research even shows that users will engage at a rate of 5X higher when an image is included.

Use Pinned Tweets

Tweet Engagement Tips Kim Kohatsu Pinned Tweets

Not pinning top tweets? Because you should be. It’s an awesome method for building twitter engagement. Here’s Kim Kohatsu from Charles Ave Marketing with her tips on pinned tweets.

One Twitter feature that not enough corporate accounts take advantage of is the pinned tweet.

This simple emphasis gives extra life to your tweet by keeping it at the top of your Twitter profile. My clients always get more likes, shares, and retweets on pinned tweets than tweets we send without pinning.

Always Use Visuals

Tweet Engagement Tips Chris Karasiewics Use Visuals

We’ve heard our experts discuss images and GIFs, but we had to feature these tips from Christian Karasiewicz, Founder of Social Chefs on using visuals. He gives us the run-down here.

One tip I recommend is to vary the types of visuals you use in your tweets.

For example, you can use photographs (avoid stock photos when you can), create short videos, repurpose videos into animated GIFs, create quotes or cards with interesting stats and so on.

By varying the types of visuals you include, this keeps audiences engaged on Twitter. If you want to take it a step further, reach out to your followers who engaged and ask them for feedback too!

Twitter Engagement Tips from Social Media Experts

We all want our tweets to spark engagement with our followers. Because it’s the whole point of reaching out to communities.

So make sure you’re maximizing Twitter engagement with these expert tips, including questions asking, on point timing and high-quality visuals.

Thanks to our contributors for sharing their techniques.

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