Weekly Social Twitter Report

Pagezii creates weekly social reports for your Twitter account. It summarizes your Twitter metrics including your engagement and interactions.

It also generates comparison graphs against competitors. These competitors are easily editable in your report configuration screen. The report is emailed to you every week.

Twitter Score

Pagezii uses a Twitter Score to signify the social strength and influence of a Twitter account. The score ranges between 1 and 10. Typically, Fresh accounts have a score lower than 3. Established accounts have a score between 3 and 6. And influencing accounts have a score of 6 or higher.


Trend Focus

Pagezii also analyzes Twitter Hashtags and trending words from your account and compares their performance against your competitors. Based on these analysis it creates a Trend Focus ratio. The higher the ratio, the more aligned your Tweets are with the industry. A well aligned account typically has a score of 80% or higher.

Week-to-Week Comparisons

Pagezii also detects any changes to your account data from the previous week’s report. This change is shown alongside your metrics using a color code (Red to show negative movement, with Green to indicate positive change.)

The Twitter weekly report helps your marketing department understand their twitter footprint better. It also provides weekly analytics to gauge the success of your social media campaigns.