Why You Need SEO – 7 Reasons from Marketing Pros

Why you Need SEO Pagezii SEO Blog

Why You Need SEO

If your business wants to succeed online, you’ll need SEO. The benefits of SEO for businesses are endless. And to uncover why you need SEO, we asked the experts.

Keep reading to learn why SEO is a must for business in 2017 and onward.

Why Your Business Needs SEO Expert Checklist Pagezii SEO Blog

Drives More Traffic

Why You Need SEO LeadFeeder SEO Boosts Site Traffic Pagezii SEO Blog

Let’s start things off with the popular reason why you need SEO. Peter Seenan from Leadfeeder shares how SEO drives traffic to your site.

The number one reason we’re so heavily focused on SEO is because we want to drive more organic traffic to our website.

By growing our organic traffic with the right keywords, more people will sign up for a free trial of our software, and as a result, we’ll convert more people into paid users. We’ve made big strides in organic traffic recently by focusing on a handful or high-performing landing pages and optimizing them.

Keeps Costs Low

Why You Need SEO Keep Business Costs Low Pagezii SEO BLog

The line between lowering costs and driving site traffic is SEO. Teresa Walsh from Cazana shares how to walk the line.

Investing in SEO is not as expensive as other marketing techniques such as pay per click and the return on investment is high in terms of traffic and brand awareness.

Well executed SEO can attract thousands if not millions of visitors from Google who are searching for your particular products or services. In fact, the first position in Google gets 33% of search traffic.

By targeting keywords that have a regular stream of traffic and long tail keywords that have less competition you can ensure visibility in the SERP’s and visitors coming regularly.

You can do SEO in-house and save yourself from paying out to agencies, it can be easily self-thought and there are millions of great resources out there like Backlinko with easy to follow guides.

Great Bang for your Buck

Why You Need SEO Great Band for Your Buck Pagezii SEO Blog

Not only does SEO keep costs down, but the resources you do put in have huge returns. William Gadea from IdeaRocket shares why you need SEO to boost ROI.

We track the cost per lead on all our marketing channels. Other than recommendations and repeat business – which is essentially free – SEO gives us the most bang for our buck when we divide its cost by the number of leads it generates.

Even that metric probably underestimates the value we’re receiving from SEO, because good SEO is just doing good marketing things: providing a fast and responsive website, creating content that builds authority and responds to customer queries, and offering an experience that engages prospects, on our site and on social media. These are things that help us out in ways other than just search engine ranking.

More Effective Than Paid Media

Why You Need SEO More Effective Than Paid Media Pagezii SEO Blog

From a business perspective, you want to use marketing strategies that work. Nick Papagiannis from Cramer-Krasselt tells marketers why they need SEO here.

While everyone might simply say SEO can increase traffic to your website or web content—that’s true—it’s really about how cost effective good SEO is at generating or increasing traffic. We’re talking a relatively low cost, much lower than most paid media tactics. That’s what is important for businesses to know—it’s a financially sound and advantageous tactic.

Increases Visibility

Why You Need SEO Increases Site Visibility Pagezii SEO Blog

Even if you’re not getting clicks, SEO generates visibility for your brand. Vivek Mehra from ParqEx shares why SEO is important for getting your brand out there.

It’s essential that we use SEO to increase our visibility online with strategic techniques. Considering we can’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on SEM to keep up with our competitors, we must get scrappy in order for ParqEx to rank well.

Our most effective SEO strategy is producing content and within the content providing keywords we want to rank for. We want to become well-known and to do so, we create easy-to-read, intuitive blogs with the goal of ranking highly for certain keywords.

Reach New Audiences

Why You Need SEO Reach New Audiences and Customers Pagezii SEO Blog

Marketing is all about targeting the right people. The idea is that with your targeted approach, you’ll turn visitors into leads, and leads into customers. Here’s Holly Holder from Scorpion on why your business needs SEO.

Search engine optimization is essential not only to further awareness of your brand but also to create new opportunities for business. By ranking higher in the SERPs, you have the potential to reach a new audience at essentially no cost to you. SEO is one of the last forms of free marketing that exists for businesses online.

Long-Term Business Growth

Why You Need SEO Long-Term Business Growth Pagezii SEO Blog

Moving into the future, your customers will be online. Which means now is the time to kickstart your SEO efforts and own the top of search engines. Jake Jordan from Productive POV shares a unique insight on SEO.

Search engine optimization is a business necessity for long-term online growth. It not only increases chances for getting found in traditional organic search results, but the number of places you will be searched for across screens has increased exponentially.

In the days ahead it will be increasingly important to have a plan in place that makes your content and website tuned for voice search, app searches and schema results just to stay on pace with major competitors.

Efficient planning, coding, and repurposing can be a great way to stay on top of SEO without getting overwhelmed by the number of choices available.

Also by understanding where the clients you most want to reach spend their time, you can stay focused on the technology, optimization and content placement that will give you the most bang for your buck. At the end of the day, we all have limited resources, and are being measured by revenue.

Why You Need SEO – Experts Shares Their Insights

Why Your Business Needs SEO Expert Checklist Pagezii SEO BlogIf your business wants to compete online in 2017, SEO is a must. It helps generate site traffic, provides great ROI, and helps you reach new customers.

Thank you to the SEO Experts for sharing their insights on why you need SEO. There are a ton of reasons why businesses need SEO, so make sure to add any we missed in the comments below.