How To Write Tweets That Get Engagement

There are two kinds of tweets: Tweets that receive little to no love from communities, and Tweets that get retweeted, liked, quoted and replied to.

The difference between these two kinds of tweets is that one kind helps build your brand, while the other does nothing.

So how do we craft tweets that get love from communities?

Here are a few tips you can use to write tweets that get engagement.

Write Tweets That Focus On Relevant Trends

Popular trends are the latest buzz in the Twittosphere. And you can use these trends to get your content in front of interested communities.

But focusing on random trends won’t get the job done. To get the best results, your going to need a strategy. And to get your strategy off the ground, you’ll need to know what’s popular in your industry.

Start things off using the Pagezii Social Analysis report. The Social Analysis report gives you an audit of your Twitter account and lets you track competitor accounts, showing your industries social footprint.

The report gives you a snapshot of trending keywords and hashtags from your account and your industry’s. Here’s what a product management software companies trending keywords and hashtags would look like:

Pagezii Social Report Trending Keywords and Hashtags for Product Roadmap Software Company

Pagezii Social Report Trending Keywords and Hashtags

This shows popular keyword and hashtag data for @ACMEProduct. Green highlights mark keywords and hashtags that are trending across the industry. This means other product roadmap companies are focusing on these topics in their tweets.

The Social Analysis report gives you an idea of what to focus on when writing tweets. Write tweets that focus on popular keywords and hashtags to get your content in front of relevant audiences.

Include Images When You Write Tweets

Tweets that include images receive more engagement than tweets that don’t.

Using images helps your tweet stand out in a user’s home feed and provides context for your content.

Here are a few tips for using images in your tweets:

  • Provide Value — Images that generate the most engagement provide instant value to users. Valuable images clearly show the idea or meaning behind your tweet. Examples could include a shot of your product or a simple bar / line graph.
  • Be Consistent — Make sure the image you’re attaching to your tweet is consistent with the message itself. Images that are not consistent with the message provide a bad user experience. This means users will most likely not engage with your content.
  • Use Branding — Including your company name or logo in the image is good brand building practice. When users are scrolling through their home feed and come across your twitter image, they’ll know exactly where it’s coming from.

Use Links In Your Tweets

A link to relevant content provides added value to users. A link is a resource that users can follow to learn more about a topic. And if the content is valuable to users, they’re more likely to engage with your tweet.

A good strategy for including links in your tweets is to send users to your businesses content — a blog for example. Not only does a link to your blog increase tweet engagement, but it sends interested users to your site. This strategy promotes your company as a thought leader within your industry.

Write Tweets That Generate Engagement

To generate engagement, you’ll have to write tweets that spark users to take action. To do this, make sure to include these techniques when crafting tweets:

  • Use relevant keywords and hashtags.
  • Include images that provide value, are relevant and promote your brand.
  • incorporate a link to relevant content – when possible, back to your company site.